Fusion on Hold is not Torture

Illawarra District, Australia, May 5, 2020.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Fusion on Hold is not Torture.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “Long ago, Samuel, I tallied them all up and you know how many Celestial Friends and Teachers of mine I noted. What confounds me is that you and Aaron, both, are still there now when I need you and even Ionah will ‘come back through’ if I ask him nicely.

Samuel: “Some things, seemingly of great importance right now, though hardly in retrospect, tend not to allow their importance to be known. You have concerns, I know. One of these concerns is about my lengthy stay as your Teacher from 1985 until now and likely for as long as you reside on this planet, perhaps longer. However, I tell you, it was I, Samuel, who followed the fortunes – or should I say misfortunes of Urantia – and it was my Guide from God (TA) who agreed for you to be my student as we both have had much to gain.

“See it now clearly in your mind’s eye, my friend, ‘fusion on hold’ is not torture to the Thought Adjuster. It’s not even an imposition. And neither is it any of these things to the former human partner. It’s a hundred times more likely to be a learning experience for one, or both and, inevitably, and recognized universally so, a means of service and learning. For what? For all of eternity to come and in all of the great universes of the future where our learned and experienced minds will teach many others that to make all this, there was just One Originator.

“It is like what you told Ezekiel: You have such busy lives. Remember what it used to be like to come back from a vacation? You were tired and so much so, you needed another holiday! That is so very much the human way, but not the way of the Thought Adjuster. Do ask the Scribe about how the TA will inevitably encourage His or Her human partner to put fusion on hold in order to have more to offer to the ‘new Entity’s’ status by perhaps becoming a Teacher or Carer for what will be seen as just a tiny, tiny slice of all eternity.

“My farm with its laboratory was a relatively lonely place, but that was fine by me. Most males on my world lived similar lives, yet in preparation for wider universe progress, ‘fusion to be on hold’ was easily decided upon by us both.

“I’m Samuel of Panoptia. Glad to have gotten you as a pupil.”

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