Do You Get an Encore?

Oregon, US of A, February 21, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Do You Get an Encore?”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Bright pockets of love and festering pockets of hate cohabitate on your world. However, the deep-pocket accessible for all to dip in is the omnipresence of God’s Love that hovers over All-that-Is. It needs an act of free will on your part to grant you unhindered access to such Love-in-Action. Indeed, love acts and activates.

“Hate-in-action conducts destructive rampages; it will eventually drive the nails in its coffin, as it can only come to the unhappy ending of annihilation by self-cannibalization.

“Love is the organic antidote to the hate virus that sets down its invasive roots in the acidic soil of personal animosities fueled by the lack of understanding of self and others. It thrives on differences of opinions, cultural or racial prejudices, ignorance, misunderstandings, etc. On the other hand, love makes allowances for diversity and brings the common denominators to the light — the inter-connectors.

“The Father loves YOU. You were conceived in HIS love; therefore, you are lovable. Let it sink in; activate your love receptors that have the dual function of being love transmitters, since love is a free spirit that cannot be greedily hoarded. By its reciprocal nature, it is a self-fueling dynamo.

“How much love do you exude in your daily living? Are you holding it close to your chest? Or are you sending it out, understanding its precious boomerang effect?

“Give it a try. Take the sincere resolution to be a love transmitter throughout this day. Before retiring, appraise your emotional state. Do you feel drained, or do you feel energized? If you overflow with positive and joyful energies, well done! This day made a difference in you and around you. You did live it to the fullest. Encore!”

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