A Lesson on Awakening

Urantia, June 7, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Awakening.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Awakening will be the subject for today, and you will wonder where this will lead to. I am speaking about the awakening of the real self, the reality of the soul, that spiritual counterpart of the mortal, which makes it immortal. It is this beginning realization in a child, that it is so much more than what it sees around itself. Children are still closer connected to the real self until the urge to have ‘things’ takes over and the longing for more takes a hold. If this urge is not curbed and guided into the reality of life that this is not always possible, then this urge has an unfulfillment connected with it and the real purpose of living is totally overlooked which is to seek for soul-growth and satisfaction.

“Many people search outside themselves in temples, churches and synagogues in order to learn where to find this indefinable quality within themselves. And over eons of time so-called knowledgeable priest and rulers have made up a set of rules of do’s and don’ts which supposedly help people find that much desired peace and rest for their souls. For this privilege they are required to pay sums of money called tithing, which goes into the coffers of the church supposedly to do the work of God. If it is not given out of freewill, but out of slavish duty and fear only, it does not serve the souls of the congregation, as the flock goes home and picks up their life-style and goes on hungering for they know not what. Places of worship ought to be places where people get their souls fed by inspiring messages and not filled with the ‘fast food’ of acquired book knowledge.

“Religion only becomes real, when it is feelingly experienced and on which the mortal soul can build. The only way for a soul to truly feel at home is to be found right within themselves in the Silence of their hearts, where they can meet up with a Spark of the Divine. It is the responsibility of the mortal self, to give the soul a chance to develop and to be nurtured. Once the mortal is beginning to realize this, the higher consciousness is awakened and a faith in an unseen deity takes a hold and a trust begins to develop, albeit most times uncertain at first. It is life itself and the experiences, which teach a mortal the required wisdom to make informed decisions. It is the free-will and the conscious decision-making process which help the person grow or not grow into a greater awakening, depending on the measure of time and dedication in the fostering of the soul.

“To such a one, things of the world are becoming less important as he or she consciously strives to do the will of the unseen Deity and in so doing and in loving to do this, garners a soul satisfaction which can only be experienced by each individual as a knowing realization dawns in that mind of being a most beloved child of the Creator of all. And so, when earthly things crash around that one, it does not matter as it has found the greatest price of all, which is the security and peace it has in the bastion of its own soul. Such is the true awakening, and the speed with which this development occurs depends on the consecration and dedication and the quality of time it spends with it’s Maker. Life at the core becomes truly very simple, as faith and trust in God have become unshakable.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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