Improving your Learning

Alabama, US of A, July 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Improving your Learning.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The journey of a human being, from the animal world to perfection, is truly enormous in distance, time, experience, and levels of intellectual and spiritual understanding. However, keep in mind that the time of the Father is eternity and that an age is but the blink of an eye to Him. Time is necessary to schedule your progress and when you have learned all you can master in time; you will go even further to keep learning in eternity.

“Many of the trials and lessons you will need to learn will require ages. Later, you will be able to fully understand without a doubt the reason for these delays. Now, during your mortal life, you will understand why the experience of being a parent will require many years to be achieved. Who will have a better idea of what being a parent, and preparing human beings to function in the world, entails, the one who has been a parent for two years, or the one who has been a parent for forty years? Obviously, the experiences of two years will never surpass the experiences of forty years in dealing with children who go through different stages of development.

“However, you can do a lot to improve your learning and take better advantage of the lessons that are presented to you. Ten years of being a dedicated parent will be a much more productive experience for a human being than fifty years of being an indolent and distant parent. When human beings start becoming active participants in the plans of their Though Adjusters (TA’s) for their own development, they start to become ‘good students’ and are able to extract the greatest potential of each one of the situations of their life – the lessons to be learned.

“Your TA exhorts you to collaborate in your development. Understand that by cooperating with your TA you are obtaining the greatest possible benefit, since His way is the best way for you, for your development, and your happiness.”

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