On Your Own Terms

Alabama, US of A, July 11, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “On Your Own Terms.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Some of you worry about having regrets at the end of your life. However, if you endeavor to know your Father and to move towards perfection, once you have acquired a more complete vision of reality you will consider your life a complete success and also realize that you did not waste your time on this world. If you focus on what really matters – the endeavors of eternal value – you will always be successful. This sits in stark contrast to the experience of some who may consider their lives a success because of the fortune, fame, and entertainments they could enjoy, but later realize that they did not live a life rich in experiences and lessons learned.

“Even today, with a little reflection enlightened with spiritual perspicacity, you could clearly see that many of the things that make a life important to human eyes are not really necessary nor a source of true satisfaction. You have been taught that some leaders have changed the world for the better and have elevated the minds of their peers with novel and progressive ideas. However, a man or a woman alone cannot change the world. The ‘great’ leaders of this world could not have made anything happen without the help of their followers. The changes that took place were the result of the individual decisions of many who accepted the proposed ideas and acted accordingly, sharing those ideas with others. The leaders will not change this world. It will take the contributions of all of you – each one of you – to make this world a true heaven on earth.

“When you reach the Mansion Worlds, you will not be asked if you were a leader or a follower. It will not matter how famous you were among your peers. Only the number of souls you helped bring to our Father, the level of understanding you reached about the love of God and its expression, and the degree to which you aligned your will to the will of the Father will matter. If you focus on these tasks, investing the best of your effort and your love, you will be working towards the manifestation of a higher reality and towards your own advanced spiritual progress – the goal of perfection.

“In this world, it is a challenge harmonizing the spiritual impulses with the things that society promotes as valuable. Often these two sides of the coin are complete opposites, but most people focus on the tangible and visible things, because the things of the spiritual world are harder to ascertain. However, each one of you is capable of letting your Inner Teacher be your sole source of motivation and the only judge of the success of your life. By orienting yourselves to this inner compass you will navigate successfully the confounding waters of material life, following your own impulses and traversing the path on your own terms, instead of letting others determine how you should live your life.”

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