Take a Knee Only to the Father

Oregon, US of A, June 4, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Take a Knee Only to the Father.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate.” [UB 100:4.6]

Thought Adjuster: “Those among you whose heart is filled with altruistic benevolence develop a strong spiritual immune system against malevolent pursuits, due to their total incompatibility. Love is a powerful immunizing agent that cuts short the lifespan of hate, anger, and other hostile emotions.

“Right now, it seems that in your world hate is fighting for dear — or not so dear — life, lashing out in many hot spots. Whenever the enlightened wisdom of love marches on hate loses ground and self-engulfs in its treacherous black hole. Initially, it is not an easy task to unmask the clever and yet unacceptable justifications for hateful behaviors. Many devils’ advocates excel at turning things upside down by exonerating the guilty, thus denying justice to their victims.

“Love is thoughtful and empathetic. Hate is a careless sociopath, who has no qualms about inflicting harm to innocent bystanders. Love always takes into account the highest good, while hate foolishly and brazenly undermines it.

“Jesus always spoke up for the underprivileged and those discriminated upon. He was the first advocate for women’s rights. He extended His friendship to everyone. His spoken words were truthful and helpful. He wished for humankind to acknowledge the abundant blessings that stem from its diversity. In His God-centered heart, all lives mattered, and He gave equal attention to all.

“Amid critical situations, He always took a knee to the Father, humbly surrendering His human will to the Divine Leadings, as He fully grasped that it is the only way to bring about lasting peace on Earth — a climate conducive to the manifestation of the best in everyone.

“Do not let the terminal virus of hate get ahold of you. Beware of unsound peer pressure and misguided group consciousness. No matter what, base all your decisions on enduring values — not on the lack thereof. By remaining steadfast, you will role-model the better responses to crisis situations — as Jesus persistently did.”

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.

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