Intelligent Cooperation

Alabama, US of A, July 12, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Intelligent Cooperation.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is a fallacy to consider as irrelevant the efforts of one person. In order to do good in this world and to co-create a higher reality that is closer to perfection there are no personal limits. The lack of wealth, influence, reputation, education, or culture does not exert a significant influence over the power of an individual to do the Father’s will and to become a tool of His goodness.

“For this reason, when you feel the desire of serving your peers, know that this desire is placed in your heart by the Presence of God within you – your Thought Adjuster. If the Father considers that you can do something for the benefit of this world, why would you doubt your own capacity? The fact that your efforts may seem small compared to the great deeds of humanity does not invalidate in any way the positive impact that they could have in the future.

“Maybe you will not be the leader that speaks to millions of people and inspire them with rhetoric and ideas. Maybe you can only be one of the followers, but if you hold in your heart the honest desire to do the will of your Father in heaven, you will be truly working for God, making more real his plan to turn this world into a heaven or earth – a sphere of light and life.

“All efforts to promote the will of the Father in this world will always produce results. Do not forget that you count with an army of invisible agents that work to amplify every impulse of goodness that is manifested in this world. Maybe some words of encouragement are all a child of the present needs to become part of the solution in the future. Maybe a little help is what may enable a mother to raise children that will become valuable for the world and their peers. Maybe a little push in the right direction is what many are waiting for in order to awaken to their true purpose and help change this world. You don’t know the impact that your goodness may have in the world, but if you do nothing you can be sure that nothing will change.

“Fill your work with love and express this love in each facet of your life, so the manifestation of this love through your being becomes real goodness in the world. This is how the Father works though His children and this is how this world will change, by the effort and the intelligent cooperation of all its inhabitants.”

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