Are You Ready Yet?

Oregon, US of A, February 26, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Are You Ready Yet?”

Message received by Anyas.

“The Spirit never drives, only leads.” [UB 381:05]

Thought Adjuster: “This morning, the ground is covered with a cloak of pure white snow that dampens the sound of the steps of those venturing upon it. This is how I work in your life. My ‘leadings’ are muted as well so that, by stopping in your worldly tracks, you give Me your full attention and you can thus be taken aback and renewed by the gentle advice that I whisper in your receptive ears.

“Your morning Stillness time is one of the special moments we share, just as when you express to Me your heartfelt appreciation for the breathtaking winter landscape. The weather patterns are ever-changing on your evolutionary planet. As well, due to the ‘bazillions’ of free-will decisions made by all the creatures of the far-fledged universe at any given moment, circumstances and events follow their course — some of them welcome and others not so much.

“My only question to you is ‘Are you ready yet?’ — ready for the ride of your eternal life? Ready for our eternal partnership? On the day when you answer Me with a resounding ‘YES’, I will indeed become your full-fledged Spiritual Tour Guide, taking you one after another to the many spiritual wonders placed along our well-planned itinerary. In the meantime, I am not idle. Your life indeed provides Me with My own experiential learning opportunities and I accumulate precious first-hand wisdom. I wish to share it with you, but if you lend a deaf ear to My Loving Nudges, I will find ways to share it with more receptive souls, as nothing of value is ever wasted.

“Dear ones, are you ready yet? Search within for an honest answer, as honesty is at the very foundation of an empowered spiritual life. The timer of your planetary lifetime is ticking. Its countdown started on the day you were born. When the time of your transition comes, will you be welcoming it or will you regretfully sing the same old tune, being totally unprepared to face the unavoidable?

“Now is the time to ponder this, as then it will be too late to make up for the precious time wasted due to your inability to make up your mind. I made up My Mind a long time ago to come and take you Home. I do not wish to return to the Father empty-handed.”

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