About Hard Times

Alabama, US of A, July 25, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Hard Times.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is during difficult times that the best and the worst of human beings is displayed. The difference between offering the higher expressions of compassion and unconditional love or allowing your basest animal nature to come to the fore lies simply in your individual decisions. Only those who have achieved a certain level of self-mastery and have dedicated their lives to the will of their Father will be able to overcome the hard times to come.

“It is not our place to become prophets of disaster but, in your future, we can foresee a time of scarcity, troubles, and hardship. Many men and women among you have seen this with sufficient clarity. It does not require a lot of imagination to observe how the unbound ambition of the present generation, the indiscriminate exploitation of your natural resources as if there were no future, and the selfish distribution of these resources, will not result in anything good. Many of you live your lives as if you didn’t know that another generation will succeed you and they will have to pay the price for your excess and your present lack of vision. Even some of this generation will face the consequences of their actions. This is not divine punishment, but the logic consequences of your collective decisions and actions.

“Is there a way to prevent this? Of course, there is! If most of you decided today that living in harmony with your world and promoting the development of civilization instead of individual pleasure is better and makes more sense, this outcome would be avoided. You have plenty of examples of civilizations that disappeared relatively overnight when their members forgot the efforts and the discipline that initially made that civilization great, choosing instead pleasures and indolence. Greece, Rome, the Maya, and many others let themselves be destroyed by their own intellectual inertia and their lack of spiritual progress.

“However, the ‘gates of the kingdom of heaven’ will never be closed to the honest seekers of truth. The degree of spiritual progress that human beings can achieve in this world is never dependent on external circumstances, but on the inner world of the individual. The Father is always available to each one of His children who decides to find Him and attempt the adventure of perfection. Do not be afraid or saddened about the hard times that may come, because everything you need for that real success in life will always be with you. When you face difficulties remember that it is there and then, where and when, the most beautiful pearls of human devotion to the divine will be offered with unconditional love and each problem to overcome is another opportunity to bravely move forward towards perfection, through service to our peers, implicitly trusting the care of our Father.”

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