Urantia, January 11, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Exploration.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “You are once more in the dark about what we are going to explore. When you explore, it is usually ‘in a place’ where you have never been. Perhaps you will deal with some subject you have never heard of, and you want to check it out. However, you have become selective about how you are spending your precious time in your advancing years. You also realize the years are beginning to count and the thought arises how you are going to spend the rest of your time to make the years count with well-thought-out experiences. After this lengthy introduction let us now go to the ‘meat’ of the subject under discussion: The exploration of the inner life, always so valuable, but even more so as one grows older.

“The first question to ask: “How do you perceive the state of your soul, and what are you bringing with you to the next stage of your eternal existence?” You know by now that spirit and soul belong together, it is only the mortal temple with is being shed at the end of the earth life, and all your character strength and worthwhile experiences will be carried in your soul by your angels to the Mansion worlds beyond. You will even get a much sharper mind to develop in the hereafter. It is therefore very important to keep the mind as clear and clean as possible because that is part of the foundation you will build upon.

“Next I would venture to ask what has been useful in this life and the memories collected, as these will also be part and parcel among your ‘eternal belongings’. This represents the exploration and planning for your eternal future. You are preparing for the next adventure in the eternal journey, climbing the ascension-to-perfection ladder to Paradise. All mortals without exception, and if they so desire, have the chance to plan, prepare, and start informing themselves as to what they can expect so they can ready themselves properly. In this way there will be fewer regrets once they have started on the next rung of their ladder, rather than bemoaning the likelihood that they could have better prepared themselves for the journey.

“Matters are always in a state of flux about what should be done, but once the next ‘step-up’ has taken place, there is no going back, despite some popular reincarnation beliefs. You cannot come back to do what you neglected to do. Such ‘reincarnation thoughts’ can negatively influence your present life. Therefore, please explore the present state of your inner self and notice where you can behave and act in a greater conscious awareness, to make life increasingly more worthwhile, and so you stand to gain the most on a firm foundation of truth, beauty and goodness. Have a loving and profitable relationship with your on-board Partner. Use this Gift from God to the fullest in your life explorations. It is in you to do so.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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