Illawarra District, Australia, June 8, 2006.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Christ Michael.

Subjects: “A Reason To Celebrate.”
                “I Make It My Gift To You.”

Received by George Barnard.

Primary Midwayer, Andréa: “This is Primary Midwayer, Andréa. I greet you my beloved coworkers. From the very moment of my birth, I have been interested in progress on this, our planet. With the serious difficulties that ensued from the Caligastia and Daligastia betrayals—you can well imagine—I have had and still have my hands full.

“I look back on a career of many wonderful involvements, not the least of which was my work with the Oracles of Delphi, with the move to the America’s of Iona and his beloved crew. Progress is a thought on my mind, every day of my fortunate existence, and it is so good, so rewarding, so much of a reason to celebrate, that I have been awarded my place with this 11:11 Progress Group in Michael’s service. I stand aside for One much higher in rank to now speak with you.”

Christ Michael: “This is Michael. Of likely much concern to some who are new recipients of our daily lessons, I am a Creator Son, one responsible for the creation of, the coming into being of, this relatively small local universe when (it is) compared to the whole. However, for whoever wants to discuss matters with me, I can be addressed as Jesus. I can be addressed as Archangel Michael. I will reply to all those who will sincerely seek Me out, and call on Me.

“It is an aspect of My standing in this universe that will allow Me to communicate with any or all at the same time. To your limited understanding of what a Creator Son and a Local Universe Creator Mother can achieve, one needs to comprehend without the need for understanding that as one progresses in spirit status one becomes more and more timeless.

“And as your Midwayer cousins, your Secondary Midwayer cousins, even more so your Primary Midwayers are capable of ‘warping time’, to gain time to arrive in time when they are needed, so must you see a Creator Son, and His Consort, as being capable of taking care of many individual tasks by virtue of the fact that We are almost completely timeless.

“I trust that My message of today will be grasped by many who wonder how it is possible I should be able to be with, I should be able to care for, I should be able to talk to, so many at one time. I trust that you, My faithful servants, will carry on with your tasks, and do so happily in the knowledge that much of what you do will be repercussing throughout all the universes, and be judged an important part of these early days of the Correcting Time.

“Indeed, I make it My gift to you, for you to be of service to Me. My love goes out to all who will hear these words. I am Michael.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

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