Illawarra District, Australia, November 24, 2006.
Midwayer Mathew.
Subject: “Go for Soul Growth.”

Received by George Barnard.

Midwayer Mathew: “This is Midwayer Mathew, and I briefly want to speak with you about ‘Universe Credits’. Universe Credits is a term we only jokingly use, to indicate to what degree a person has built soul growth, although the term is neither of our invention, nor can these ‘credits’ be traded.

“Life on a terrestrial world as a mortal – as a mere embryo with eternity potential – gives you great opportunities to build soul growth. You can spend a lifetime doing that which is right, you can spend a lifetime doing what is wrong, or mix it as you please. Under all circumstances, you will survive death, but what will you be after mortal demise? Soul growth does not necessarily mean that you are larger in size or smaller in size because of what you have done. However, you will be more or less real.

“With reality is meant the state of your advancement, and also your likely progress on the Mansion Worlds. Advancement, or realness, to a large degree determines the period of time between your departure from this earth and fusion with your Thought Adjuster, if you so desire, and if you so deserve it.

“A rather sharp comment was made just recently that some of you expect more cooperation from your Midwayer Friends. We, possibly but most unlikely, could be instructed to take all your chestnuts out of the fire, yet this would also mean you would be making less decisions for yourself, you would experience less soul growth, you would remain, or become less real.

“Compared to normal worlds such as the one from which I hail, you as a group, you as a race or races, are getting a great deal of help. The Local Universe of Nebadon could well be seen as a very large ship. Its former rebellious planets could well be seen as holes punched in its sides and the ‘all-hands-on-deck’ are below decks right now, doing what they can to plug these holes, as sailors from other ships clamber aboard to aid the ship’s Master and His loyal crew.

“Yours is a world in receipt of a great deal of attention, no mistake! Go for soul growth. Expect help when you really need it. Yes, do acquire some Universe Credits of your own. This is Midwayer Mathew. My love goes out to all.”

George: “Amen!”

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