Alabama, US of A, September 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Cultivation of your Being”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Each person possesses an inner compass that constantly points to the path of truth and also helps you to not be deceived by the falsehood and confusions that reign in this world. Those human beings who learn to cultivate their inner life become increasingly immune to the external influences that may lead them away from their true purpose and the full enjoyment of their life experience.

“The cultivation of your being is just the honest exploration of who you really are, with the guidance of the Divine Spark of the Father within your heart – your Thought Adjuster. Who can be better prepared to reveal the magnitude of your being than your Creator, who knows your potentials and has been always with you since the beginning? This practice of looking within awakens your mind and strengthens your perspicacity, better tuning your ears so you can discern the melodies of the spiritual realities, without falling under the influence of the cacophony of noise that inundates the lives of human beings in this world.

“Practice looking toward the innermost part of your being often. Discover who you truly are. Use your mind to create the plan for your life, with the help of the Architect of your existence – the Creator Father – who inhabits your being and wishes to guide you so you can become the best you can be. This is how you find full satisfaction of the highest and purest desires of your soul, while you become useful to the entire creation participating in the establishment of the universal plan.

“There is little regard in the present for the role of mortals in the establishment of reality. Many among you believe that they are beings that randomly came to life and that they have no goal. Many consider life as a journey towards nothing. This is not the case. You have been created by a loving Father for a definitive purpose. Together as a single organism we are creating a higher and more beautiful reality than anything else that has been expressed so far in time and space. Each one is an indispensable piece of the mosaic and all have the opportunity to build and offer their talents to create this new reality. And some day in the future, looking back at a universe established in light and life, you will be able to say, ‘I was one of the workers who made all this possible’.

“Today your world is balancing at the edge of the precipice under the influence of the whims of a confused and scared minority that only seek the satisfaction of their false and selfish needs, and who shortsightedly struggle to preserve their way of life. They don’t realize that they are enslaving themselves and denying greater opportunities to themselves and other. It is up to those who have learned to see with eyes illuminated by the light of spirit to bring their peers to the light. Let the example of your lives well lived and consecrated to the divine will be the beacon that leads and inspires others to follow you. Your individual effort to live a life according to the loving will of the Father is the best gift you can give to God, your siblings, and your world.”

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