North Yorkshire, UK, April 12, 2006.
Subject: “My Time is Near.”

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Monjoronson: “The world is beginning to split in more tangible ways between those who choose to look for joy and love within every minute of their life, and those who are consumed by fear. The Earth stands, still upon a knife-edge, as these differences between two ever-growing-stronger forces cause the potential for much change. There are so many of you now who have chosen to begin to heal, who have chosen to take the step into beginning to know themselves, finding themselves within their mastery.

“For some this process will be quick and painless, for others long and tortuous. The length and the difficulty of such a journey is unimportant. The importance lies in taking that first step. The world appears different to many of you now. There is a growing sense amongst the numbers of you that have chosen to walk within service to the Divine, of the way in which you change your environment, in the way in which your thoughts become manifest in the world you perceive around you. You are beginning to walk onto the path of co-creation with, and of, the Divine.

“It would take many lessons indeed to explain most fully how this phenomenon occurs. However, this too, is of little relevance. All that matters is that it does, and can you envision a world where all know love within their hearts, where all project that love upon the world around them, changing both their own reality and also assisting others in doing so?

“My time is near. Soon the veils around me shall be pulled back, as curtains, and those who choose to see will know that the choices of humanity have been made. That the fear and pain upon this Earth is but an illusion, and the increase of these energies at this point in time merely the last stand of a diminishing group that cannot be sustained into the future.

“As before, I will stand as example to you all – the being of innate freedom, of manifest Divinity, within physical form – yet tied, not to this physicality as absolute, but rather to the God Source within. And as you begin to recognize the Divinity within yourselves, so you shall then be able to recognize the Divinity that is Me.

“I wish you to think a while, each one of you, what you personally can do to make your life a more peaceful one, a more joyous one, one more filled with contentment. And ponder, too, how this would affect the lives of those around you. Consider the small ways you may be of service. Consider the small ways in which you are already of service. And doubt not in your ability to change the world.

“I Am Monjoronson.

“In each of you there is a jewel, created by pressure from the raw matter of the Earth. Allow the detritus to fall away, and let your lights shine.

“I Am you, and you are Me, and I love you all-ways.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
If each person walked true to themselves, my visit here would merely be a courtesy call – MONJORONSON.