Alabama, US of A, September 26, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “There is Plenty you Can Do”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The external circumstances have little to do with the inner development of a human being. Your legends of spirituality usually portray the enlightenment of an exceptional personality as something that happens after a period of retreat, as in the case of the Christian tradition of Jesus’s forty days in the desert, or Buddha’s wandering from place to place. This suggests the existence of some formula that can be used to promote spiritual enlightenment, nonetheless, human beings cannot do anything to force this, because it is an unconscious development.

“However, there is plenty you can do to ensure that the adequate conditions for your spiritual growth are always there. These conditions are sincere and intelligent faith, and the disposition to be better each day – to become more like the Father – which is equivalent to doing His will. Jesus lived cultivating these two virtues constantly and therefore He enjoyed constant progress, a progress He could only appreciate by looking back at His life and observing how His ideas and the way in which He saw the world were advancing.

“This is an adventure of exploration of truth and the search for God, in which all can participate. This is the supreme adventure of a human life, because it is the endeavor that provides the most benefit to those who practice it. The greater your passion to know and live the will of your Father, the more gifts and personal revelations you will receive to help you along your path. Doing the will of the Father is working with the force that sustains the universe – love – and taking advantage of the impulse of this powerful force to achieve the desired goal.

“In Damascus, Jesus achieved the ability to receive the inspiration of His Thought Adjuster and express it as part of His own thought. This is an indication that the human mind is aligning in better harmony with the divine mind and therefore is capable of understanding it and establishing an increasingly effective relationship with it. This opportunity is open to all. With practice, you will discover that your thoughts seem to move closer to the truth and your feelings become expression of your highest desires, the ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness.

“Jesus was not consciously aware – as a man – of having a spirit within. He always considered He talked to His Father in heaven and that His Father somehow answered to the needs of His soul. Jesus consolidated all the spiritual influences that work to help all human beings find their way under the figure of His Father and, in this way, He achieved great spiritual progress.

“You have the knowledge that the presence of the Father inhabits your being and through this presence you have a direct and bi-directional communications channel to God. Take advantage of this knowledge and find the great treasure that has been placed within your being. Even when you cannot measure your progress with certainty, know that while you keep alive the desire to know God and do His will, each day you are growing in wisdom and perspicacity, moving one step closer to your eternal destiny.”

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