Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About The Environment and Spiritual Progress.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The environment in which you live overwhelmingly determines how you will live your life. There are many who even in the most ideal environments let themselves be misguided by their personal material tendencies – Abel, Judas – but the great majority is influenced by the environment. The Master said, ‘Show the best path first, so others are motivated to follow.’ In other words, live an exemplary life, so this life is able to serve as an illustration of how to live in the Kingdom, and do so better than your words could ever indicate.

“Why have you decided to try this spiritual adventure? Firstly, you received the guidance and subliminal advice of your Thought Adjuster. Secondly, you were exposed to examples of lives of dedication to the will of the Father. Furthermore you were fortunate enough to have the example of Michael himself living a life on your world, consecrated to doing the will of God. It is because of Michael’s decision to live here that many great souls will be harvested from this sphere, motivated by the life of their beloved Master.

“The spiritual progress you have made would have been almost impossible had you been born in prehistory or in the middle ages, when the majority of the population was the victim of fear, superstition and an oppressive and enslaving religion. The tendency to think independently and to search for God in a personal manner would effectively have been eradicated by the threat of spending an eternity in hell or ending up in the hands of the inquisition.

“By nature, human beings enjoy truth, beauty and goodness. Even when initially the creature may not know them, they can appreciate these attributes when they encounter them, and even without knowing them, the creature will desire them. It is rare for someone who has found peace wanting to go back to war. Even those, who are focused onto maintaining their material power and their riches, do not promote war unless there is significant profit to be had or when their personal interests are threatened. In the end, humans love peace and once they have been exposed to truth, beauty and goodness most of them will want more of these things.

“The age of Light and Life will come to your world once the majority has experienced the unconditional love of the Father and desire to know more about Him. This is a natural attraction that all human beings experience and to a certain extent it can be contagious. The best you can do to promote this change is living your life doing God’s will, so you become a manifestation of Him and His love to those around you.”

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