Oregon, USA, December 14, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “About Spiritual Lobbyism”

Message received by Anyas

“... Jesus won [Simon Zelotes] for the higher concepts of the kingdom of heaven. He had always identified himself with the party of protest, but he now joined the party of progress, unlimited and eternal progression of spirit and truth.” [UB 139:11.7]

Thought Adjuster: “As you can imply from the above quote, there is a world of difference between being a protestor and a progressist. As witnessed in your world, both tendencies shaped history. However, a mere protest will not necessarily bring about progress if it does not suggest better operative ways and the follow-through of hand-on implementation.

“Protests often turn into hate – and resentment-driven riots. Jesus never condoned such behaviors, as they are counter-productive to establishing the family of man under the loving divine parenthood. He told Simon that it was proper to want to see the social, economic, and political orders improved, but he would always add: «That is not the business of the kingdom of heaven. We must be dedicated to the doing of the Father’s will. [. . .] we must not immediately concern ourselves with naught but the representation of the will and character of the divine Father who stands at the head of the government whose credentials we bear.» [UB 139:11.9]

“As the spiritual savior of humankind, Jesus entertained a long-term vision that encompassed past, present, and future generations of souls. ‘Activists’ are the movers and shakers of modern times, as they draw attention to areas in need of reformation. Do not discard their role as social reformers, as they are catalysts for change.

“However, Jesus’ discipleship is called to principally devote their energies to promoting his spiritual vision, as there is a shortage of laborers in that field. Jesus laid the groundwork while living among men and needs many diligent stewards of his legacy.

“The altruistic interests of the kingdom of the heart require pointed spiritual lobbyism. Do not squander your precious life force in engaging in trivial matters. Go after a worthwhile calling that adequately caters to your soul’s needs.”

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