Idaho, US of A; August 31, 2003
Primary Midwayer Andrea
Subject: “Universal Changes”

Received by Sandy Montee

Andrea: “Good evening, Sandy. I would like to speak to you this evening about the constant changes and ongoing creation as it is experienced in universal growth and progress.

“The Father Creator is the only One Who can fully comprehend the workings of His far-flung universes. Our universes are in a constant state of flux, and they are growing at a faster and faster rate.

“As each new person, yes, each new planet is born, that newly arrived part of God’s creation is left in the care of His many Troops and Helpers, to experience progress and growth. He assigns responsibility for this advancement to His Life Carriers, Celestial Architects and Celestial Engineers - His many, many Specialists.

“We, too - you and I and all of us - have a task to perform, and depending on how well we do in our calling, we bring about our Creator’s pre-determined requirements for growth as an end result to our eternal careers of service.

“Thus we often talk about our co-creating with our God. And the giving birth to offspring by mortals, and Celestial Parents alike, heralds yet another cycle of countless new personalities that will advance and progress and pitch in, in the workings of the Father’s overall plan.

“To your mortal minds, your ‘creature’ observation, and in your short-lived human lives, these universe changes come about but painstakingly slowly. At times, they are seen by you as despairingly sluggish. Yet, in the timelessness of the universal sense they move at a fast clip, a continuous and rapid pace, and quite comparable to the speed of light.

“As it is written, life on Earth holds many experiences, valuable lessons, and magnificent opportunities, for ordinary mortals with a deep desire to come closer to their Creator.

“Human creation, too, is as complicated in itself as are our universes when we consider the extraordinary gift God bestows upon His children - the grant of free will prerogatives. His many new-born personalities arrive with little or nothing in the way of prior knowledge of any kind of life plan, or of destiny.

“And this is the real marvel; that spiritual insight - this spiritual knowingness of destiny - can be derived from experience and faith alone. Yes, with creature free will prerogatives are made the choices about which paths are chosen as life’s sometimes rocky, and sometimes easy circumstances are encountered in the climb that is Paradise ascension.

“Your lifetimes on Earth, with their seemingly countless seasons, soon come to a halt, and there, for but a moment in time, the path ends, and what you have then accomplished in your mortal lives completely depended on you.

“The Creator has merely made available His many, many lessons in the hope that great wisdom will be acquired. And the surviving, learned personality of strong character combines with the soul and Thought Adjuster, and makes ready for the next step in progress on a Morontia World.

“The former human continues to co-create, and moves toward the Father and creature perfection. The Universe continues to expand.

“And all is well. Thank you for listening to me. I must go”.

Sandy: “Thank you Andrea. And goodbye until next time, my dear friend.”

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