Chicago, US of A, December 07, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Critical Thinking.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Prolotheos: “It is correct to say that every thought expressed by someone is meant to change reality. No one is neutral. My very words to you right now are meant to change reality in you and around you, hopefully for the best. Thoughts are the designs of actions that change the world. Therefore, if people are able to tell you what you should think, their words can make you an instrument of change, for good or for bad.

“Since humans are going to be adjudicated according to their actions, which reflect their thoughts and decisions, you should make sure that your thoughts are of the best kind, because you will be accountable for the actions these thoughts produce. You need to understand how you make decisions. You mostly come to making decisions by establishing ‘paradigms’. Thankfully, you do not need to think about every single problem you will face. When you solve a problem once, that solution registers in your memory as a paradigm that will help you to decide similarly in other comparable situations. However, depending on your personality development, these paradigms need adjustments to fall in line with new knowledge and experiences you may have acquired about these problems, every time, without fail.

“Additionally, it will occasionally appear to you that an existential or moral problem requires a solution with a new approach in thinking, hopefully to establish a new paradigm for a new kind of problem. To solve a new problem you need to resort to all related knowledge immediately available to you, and sometimes go in search of more data. That is when you face other people’s opinions, and have to weigh them up to make your own decision. You weigh their source if it is reputable, the content if it makes sense, and the consequences if applied to your situation. Here, in searching out other people’s thoughts, it so happens that people usually fail to realize an important ready resource within themselves, the Spirit Within.

“The Spirit Within, also known as the Thought Adjuster, is an entity quite distinct from your soul, mind or personality. It is a Fragment of the Father sent to inhabit you, and assist you in making decisions according to the Will of God. The Spirit Within does not push its thoughts into your mind to erase or replace your own thoughts. It rather strives to ‘inspire’ you with new thoughts or paradigms that lead you to decide in favour of the Will of God. The Spirit Within will never coerce you, or violate your free will.

“You need other people’s thoughts and experience to help you with your problem solving, thus using their input with forethought and consideration is a good call. However, when making decisions, do always listen to that small and gentle ‘voice within’. It will always guide you according to what is true, good and beautiful. The Spirit Within is the best resource for your critical thinking, so listen attentively to your heavenly Guide, and your decisions, even if less than perfect will be the best for the occasion and circumstances. This is Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on high. Peace to all!”

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