Alabama, US of A, October 14, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Inspiration and Courage.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “From the eternal point of view of the Father, all creatures are loved unconditionally and without differences. You are as loved today as you will be if you become a finaliter, or if on the contrary you decide to abandon the struggle and renounce the gifts of the Father. The love of the Father for you will never change, but the way in which you perceive that love and personally benefit from it does vary according to your experience.

“Many times, in the past, you have felt closer or farther from the Father, depending on your mental state and the beliefs you entertained at some points in your life. Clearly, the Father has never moved away from you, being always present through various spiritual influences centered in your Thought Adjuster. It is in your awareness that sometimes you feel more or less disconnected from your spiritual sustenance.

“In the end, the goal of all mortal creatures is to know God better and gain a better understanding of His divine love. The experience of enjoying the love of the Father and having a more intimate and personal relationship with Him is the greatest delight of every creature’s existence. This path is open to all personalities in creation and this supreme experience makes all existence – in its infinite variety – something worthy of exploration, a path of exalted beauty and vigorous originality.

“The path to better know God is adoration – the supreme desire of a creature to be more like the Creator. This can only happen when your start doing the things for which the Father has created you. The purpose of your existence is the path in which you can attain an increasing understanding of God and thus participate in the development of creation. Each time you make an effort to know and do the divine will, you are moving one step forward to the understanding of the Father and discovering new aspects of His love. Then your soul experiences increasing closeness with the Source of this love and this results in lasting peace and spiritual satisfaction.

“If you seek material rewards for your efforts you will experience many disappointments, but if you focus on the spiritual rewards you will know without a doubt that you are becoming closer to God and this experience will fill your life with hope and will provide inspiration and courage to face all challenges and learn with joy all the lessons that come to you.”

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