Chicago, US of A, March 29, 2012.
Teacher: A Life Carrier.
Subject: “Care for Your World!”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Life Carrier: “I want you to know that I am pleased about your having contacted me this morning. There are not many Urantians calling on us Life Carriers, although all of you benefit from our ministry.

“We have great interest in your so-called ‘ecology,’ for we are the ones who fostered the evolution of these ecosystems in which life is sheltered today. It pains us to see many of these ecosystems, which we carefully projected and nourished, being destroyed by human ignorance and neglect in your dealing with waste materials. It is time for ecology to become more than a mere school subject, an advocate cause, and ethical discourse. Let it become a daily practice for everyone.

“Recycling and safe disposal of pollutants must no longer be seen as optional, but a duty and regular practice from established habits. Pollution is a weapon handled daily by millions around the world that are unaware of its destructive power to your home planet and the home of your offspring, by your neglecting to take proper care.

“I have been with you since true free-will emerged in your race, and I look forward to staying with you up until your full entry into the Light and Life era, if you do not before this time destroy yourselves by your neglectful ways. You should be aware of the fact that right now extinction is in the process of happening on your planet. Species are passing away, either because of their inability to further adapt, or by decimation caused by humans in many ways. Your race, just because it reached personality status, is not exempted from extinction. In fact, this very factor may endanger your future, since you, unlike any other species, do things purposely, not merely by instinct.

“Just think that of the six human racial strains we planned for, and which in fact came into being, only four survive in numbers to this day; the other two became almost completely extinct through wars. With your present neglect of the environment and constant pursuit of wars, you are heralding the future extinction of your species, and all other species on this world.

“We, Life Carriers, long ago stopped making decisions on behalf of your world. It is now up to you to care for this home we created for you. Yours is the power, either for destruction or survival of your species. Your world is now so interconnect by media and communication devices, you can use your everyday advancing technology to effectively promote education, peace, equality and freedom among you.

“However, if you as a race continue on this path, your destruction is certain. That is why much spiritual help from on High has been provided to you during these last decades -- to help you turn away from this destructive course. Let every human be aware of the great power within their reach for good or bad, for life or death, for survival or extinction. The choice is yours entirely.

“I am a Life Carrier; I bid you goodbye for now. My love is with you all, as indeed it has been even before any of you existed.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.