Illawarra District, Australia, November 13, 2003.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22)
Subject: "It’s A Commitment"

Received by George Barnard.

George: "Tell me what’s on your so-very-brilliant mind, my dear elusive brother."

Bzutu: "What reverence for one of His lowliest of learned soldiers! I’m here with you now, my valued ‘mammalian cousin.’ And I’m here to assure you that our work will continue, and to let you know that these ‘times of difficulty placed in your way,’ will, by our work and planning, with our cooperation, but also considering your expanding duties as a growing group, come about slowly, yet steadily.

"Not always do you clearly realize the ‘windows of opportunity’ to be at hand, for us to converse in more extensive details, and not always are you relaxed enough at the stillness task for the ever-ready among us to be allowed to, first of all, provide you with the finest of information you need, and, secondly, to advise you and assist you in the best way we can.

"These are lean times, with one of you (Sandy) out of action, well, for practical purposes, and yet we know she will return to be a contributor to the projects of the group. Hold fast to the tasks you have set for yourselves, knowing that the lives of you humans are but a few days’ hard work, and that the rewards you will gather for the services provided shall be of a magnitude you cannot begin to imagine.

"We, on our part, will continue to provide many seekers with the appropriate time prompts to make them curious enough to discover the meanings of what we are all about. It’s a commitment. So, on your part, we feel you must do your best to educate them about the specific revelation that deals with us, your distant relatives.

"There are great opportunities to help advance many an individual towards a greater understanding of our functions in the Correcting Time, and towards greater spirituality because of this. More than anyone, more than any group, do you have the near-tangible evidence of our existence by virtue of our well-recognized and somewhat provocative wake-up and reminder prompts.

"Whatever belief system your siblings might ascribe to, whatever religious leanings they might have, right there is a brilliant start with the proof that those aspects of the text soundly point at the authenticity of our being. And, beyond doubt, whatever else your 11:11 recipient friends may accept as true - and does it really matter? No! It makes no great difference. Their knowledge of us as a reality will lead to greater cooperation between your species and ours, and to our mutual profiting.

"The 11:11 signals are a worldwide project. And an ever greater number of people, be they Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or Sikh, will have no difficulties in accepting that the wake-up calls are a "heaven-send" reminder that a more ethical, moral, and more loving relationship with their fellow man, relatives and friends is a great plus in the pursuit of happiness and spiritual well-being.

"It is important, my dear comrades all, to not lose faith in the tasks we long ago began.

"It is a pleasure to speak with you this evening, and I am suggesting that you will be more receptive, more energetic, and a clearer-of-mind receiver if you should schedule your meditation at an earlier hour in the day. Those are the words of practical learned advice I bring to you.

"Yes, it is a good habit to do your meditation in the early morning hours. Have a pleasant evening, my friend. This is ABC-22."

Notes: The transmission set out below is largely a personal one, and one for the 11:11 Group, yet it contains good advice for many on the 11:11 lists. The idea of 11:11 prompting dates back to the early times of the development of such digital timepieces. It was by no means a matter of cause the 1,111 would be allowed to use those precise moments to prompt us. The approval followed some hard bargaining on their parts, but Midwayers fight hard to get what they want, and they win. They all ways win.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.