Illawarra District, Australia, November 28, 2003
Teacher Samuel
Subject: "Flexible Theories, And Practical Experiences."

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "I greet you, my earthy, earthly friend and student. It is I, your teacher, Samuel, who has returned from an involvement with an experiment in genetic engineering, something so very much related to my endeavors when I dwelt on my home planet in a body much like yours. My human theories and factual experiences still do come in handy even in this advanced realm, as with many others we, too, strive for developmental, perfect-result co-creation in the physical realms of the local universes.

"We have here assembled a group of lurkers, as you would call them, but they are here to learn, as well as lend energy to the task we are about, and it is to my delight that you so swiftly "gathered in" our upturned energy as we here, and you, your Destiny Guardians, Cherubim, and Midway Cousins on terra firma, send our accolades of thankfulness to the Creator Father, for making our existence and interaction possible, enjoyable, and for marinating our lives in the never-ending love that He makes come our way.

"It is not a coincidence that you felt inclined to request my company at the very time of my return to this realm, for there is so much that we already know, and draw in at a super-conscious level. It’s good to be back with you.

"Today we will talk about varied belief systems. It is of the utmost importance that you have a belief system, a basic starting point, no matter how incomplete. And it is of the utmost importance that you will live a life in which your keen perception will aid you in noting the things that happen around you, and where you establish benchmarks that define your approach towards refining truths as you will intuit them and experience them.

"No, indeed, those of us who are perhaps greatly advanced in your eyes, even if not in our own views, do not look down on your, at times, almost pathetic efforts to define your world, truth, and the likely reality of the higher spheres of time in space into which you will carry with you, and with joy, the accumulated knowledge you have gathered in your present existences, as you continue your long climb Paradise-ward.

"It is essential that you acquire a broad understanding of what the future holds for you whilst you continue to live an organized life in the dimension you presently occupy. Climbing steadily upward, it will be possible for you to evermore become the co-creators of new realities by virtue of the gifts that Deity will extend to you in making wished-for new creations come about, and even in the kind of enterprise from which I just returned, my friend.

"At this point I will digress somewhat, perhaps, to clarify that on your next plain of existence mere thoughts can create some new realities, indeed. It is in the morontial sphere where great things are possible, and as your midway cousins have so often shown you.

"Yet as much as the Creator can make come about a total change of conditions, even so as to instantaneously turn this planet into one where all creatures would cooperate with each other - and it is only in the spirit world where entirely new creatures and creations will suddenly appear - make note that in your evolutionary life, on this evolutionary planet, the object of the exercise is for you to learn by your efforts alone.

"Much as this may seem to be a start in life resembling your being projected at great speed right off the deep end, in truth, it is the best way. For in your journey to Paradise you will be energized, you will be fuelled up, you will be motivated by the tough lessons learned, which will never be forgotten by you. For in this way those who once started their careers as the lowest rung will become the strongest and most determined in the vast monopoly enterprise that are our myriad expanding universes that reach far into deep, deep space.

"Long ago, my brother, I was given a view of my future in which my Father Fragment and I had become one. Yet today, lightheartedly, and without any concern for when this fusion may come about, do I toil in earnestness, with great joy, and with my many fellow workers, on the projects that may take many months to bring to completion. Yes, whilst we know the Father would accomplish this with absolute perfection by but a single timeless thought.

"And after this lengthy "perhaps" digression, let me explain to you clearly (Someone starting a lawnmower right outside our window.) that the ongoing quest for knowledge is an important one, that an evolving belief system, based on flexible theories and practical experiences, is unquestionably essential.

"Yet in spite of this, as one progresses in these universes, many of these belief systems will show themselves to be evermore imperfect, become redundant, even prove to be false, or be subject to the most interesting and bizarre of exceptions to the perceived rule, as your eminent Melchizedek Teachers glimpse-by-glimpse enlighten you about the truths as they exist and can be comprehended by you at any point in your progress.

"You will come to understand the greater truths, learn to admire their infinite beauty, grow to better comprehend and to more and more appreciate the Creator bestowed goodness and love they represent in our lives together in time in space.

"We surround you with our love, dear brother. This is Samuel."

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