US of A, November 19, 2003.
Teacher: Christ Michael.
Subject: “Unconditional Love.”

Message received by Contributing Receiver

Michael: “There are times when you may feel quite alone, my children, however this is not in any way a reality. It is merely a feeling that you can experience, and your feelings are not always based on facts. In truth, you are never alone, for have I not told you that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. They are your feelings of alienation, and these feelings are ever false.

You may often feel separated from my love, and from the Father’s love, because of guilt. And yet you have neither disappointed our Father, nor have you let me down in any way. Throughout your lives you may frequently disappoint yourselves, and then you tend to withdraw from Him, whilst He will never abandon you.

And here is a lesson to be learned about the Father’s Love; His Love is not dependant on certain conditions. The Father is not a conditional lover as is so much the tendency of mankind, and His love is not dependant on whether you are good or bad. It is everlasting.

There is in the earthly folklore a mythical character, who perpetuates the concept of conditional love by reward and punishment entirely, and many of you have in your minds created a god who is fashioned after this mythical character, but the Father does not keep lists of His children, dividing them by their ‘goodness’ or by their ‘badness.’ That, too, has become a great fabrication that needs to be exposed, for our Father is Love, and His Love is not restricted in any way by your achieving a state of grace. Yes, do learn this lesson well.

As difficult as it is for you to learn and fully comprehend that the Father is not a conditional lover, so it is for you to learn to love unconditionally. From early childhood you have been rewarded for good and punished for error, and this teaches conditional loving. And you take this teaching into every area of your life’s experiences. It has taught you to reward and punish your children and others in like manner, and if anyone displeases you, you simply withdraw your love, and this process is repeated again and again. Now we begin to stop this cycle with understanding.

The Father simply loves you, and when you fail at your lessons He does not stop loving you. He never withholds His Perfect Love, not even for an instant. You will learn to love; as He would have you love. This is by far the most difficult of all the lessons in our curriculum. You cannot learn this lesson in one day, but you can begin by simply understanding. Begin by trusting me with this great truth: The Father loves you not because of what you say or do, but because of Who He is. He is Love, and His Love is unconditional.”

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