Illawarra District, Australia, February 22, 2013.
Aaron of Urantia.
Subject: “Collective Karma” (abbreviated transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Aaron: “I shall happily follow on from what my friend and colleague, Samuel, said about karma; ‘your personal report card to be handed in upon arrival at the weigh station on Mansonia One’, and that it includes both the positive and the negative – that which stands you in good stead, and that which still needs correction. I jest about the weigh station, of course. Indeed. It is however a suitable comparison in how well you did your sums in class, whilst collective karma deals with the behavior of the entire class and your position within it.

“Collective karma is a much more complex matter, subject to the mores and customs of a certain group at a particular time, and it is more easily understood when examples are given. Positive collective karma was given birth to, when the first two individuals shared in a project for the benefit of others. Negative collective karma arrived on the scene when the first two robbers beat up a third individual to deprive him of his food or possessions. Collective karma can be either good or bad, and apply to greater or lesser degrees.

“Of course, we advise you to accumulate as much of the good karma as you can afford, from physical assistance when needed, monetary assistance when it can be afforded. At times it might merely be a needed smile or a well wish at the right time. Almost twenty years ago ABC-22 went on the record talking about Genghis Khan. Right now I elaborate about those going on the rampage with him. All shared a collective karma with their chief marauder, and to a greater degree if they more strongly thought to be doing the wrong thing.

“For them to claim they were doing the right thing they would either have been living a lie, and know this to be so, or be utterly insane in which case there would be no soul growth for their abnormal minds, and an unlikely eternal life, in fact. All enablers shared in the collective karma, be it to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their insight. As the Midwayer Chief indicated when talking of the Cambodian, Pol Pot, and his murderous underlings; all shared the blame, and all shared to various degrees in their collective karma.

“Little has changed since the Khan conquered his world, and today some go about taking what is not theirs on a grander scale, killing those who have done no wrong, restricting those who want to provide for their families. Because they can? Yes! Because they are in charge. Because they have control. Because they were voted into power. And those who signed their crosses below those rulers’ names have now become the shareholders in this collective karma of the dead, and even of those who are lost – never conceived to be born.

“Awaken from your mental near-comas, see how the Creator’s overall plan is thwarted, and refuse to give your tacit approval to the wrongful actions of those placed in charge by the uninformed, and those cleverly conditioned to hate. This is Aaron. We say au revoir for now, as we will return with further instructions.”

George: “Thank you both. Pfe-e-ew!”

Note: I cannot find a transmission with Genghis Khan or Pol Pot in it, but they are mentioned in one of my 11:11 manuscripts which was co-authored by ABC-22.

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.