Alabama, US of A, August 24, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Transcending Peace”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Would it not be wonderful to feel this peace that is beyond reason or limits all the days of your life? This really is possible since your life is in the hands of the Father and therefore you have nothing to worry about. It is true that the fight for survival in this world can sometimes be very hard, but the peace of knowing that you are a true child of God can be present even in the direst of situations.

“There are those who live an average life and they judge it to be a very hard life. Others live similar lives and consider them as something great and fortunate. The difference is in the amount of faith invested in life. The former believe their life is a product of chance and circumstances. The latter group knows that there is a reason behind everything and that everything happens for the greatest good of all beings in the universe.

“You may ask yourself: how can one experience such peace if one has nothing to eat? If one has no place to sleep? If one is afraid for one’s life? I say to you that this peace is possible because it doesn’t depend on external factors or the happenings in this world. It is an internal assuredness, a product of the relationship of a creature with his or her Creator. At those moments of desperation, remember that your destiny is eternity and perfection. This has been mandated by your Father and nobody can interrupt your path toward your eternal destiny to reach the presence of God.

“Remember the example of the Master — Michael of Nebadon — who never renounced His faith or His love for His Father and His children/brothers — not even while he was nailed to a cross. He knew that death was simply the ticket to return home to a higher place of greater beauty. Every uncomfortable moment you experience in this world is always temporal, a fleeting episode. Such is the nature of everything you find during your journey in the material world. Everything comes and goes, except the love you offer one another.”

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