Alabama, US of A, February 11, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Way in Which to Perceive Life.”

Received By Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The desire to serve the Father is the main indicator of spiritual progress. This desire signals that the days of fear have been left behind, and the will of the creature now strives to become like the will of the Creator. This desire is paramount. It is not just a declaration of purpose, but a force that transforms all impulses and all thoughts of a creature toward the eternal goal – being like God. It is a new way to see life, not as floating adrift in an unknown universe, but as a journey toward a definite purpose that can only be known by faith. However, this purpose can progressively be discovered, and it becomes more real through the decisions based on the guidance of the Divine Spark.

“Some among you have reached this level of maturity and the best attribute you now possess is that you know which way you should walk. However, many live today without knowing why they are alive, or what they can do with their lives. Many are searching for something to dedicate their lives to, something worthy of their time, without having a hint of an idea what this something might be. Many find temporal things to be entertained with, and even when some of these endeavors can promote the development of aspects of their personality, they are only distractions from their main task.

“The purpose of life is to know the Father and to find Him within your own being. This is the main objective, and this search is enough to develop the aspects of personality that will benefit spiritual growth as well as performance in one’s material life. This intent should be the priority for all, even when many among you don’t think so. Those who have awakened know where to address their efforts and reap the rewards. However, the first steps are always taken in faith. You need to search in order to find, and for you to have the desire to search, you need to believe you will find what you desire.

“By taking the first steps, merely hoping that you have a Celestial Father, you open your heart and your mind to receive. After the first steps your faith will become stronger and more confident, because, if you pay attention, you start to get what you ask for, you will start to ‘see and hear’, and you will realize you made the right choice.

“Our Father doesn’t hide from His children, asking them to blindly believe as a condition to reveal Himself. However, in the same way you can receive a radio transmission by tuning into the right frequency, you can only begin to ‘hear’ the voice of the Father when you focus your attention upon Him.”

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