Illawarra District, Australia, May 24, 2006.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “Speak Instead of Your Simple Truths.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “Creative Father, we are together here to listen to your words; to take in your lesson. Together with our Destiny Guardians, we ask you to provide us with the promised lesson. (There was an earlier request, and it was granted).

Machiventa: “My dear co-workers and students, these are the words of Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince. There exists a hierarchy of helpers, assistants and workers who see to Michael’s mandates, and who follow up on my orders.

“Unlike our Nebadon Mother Spirit, unlike our universes’ Michaels, a Melchizedek such as myself, is somewhat limited in whom he may address at any given time. For one in charge, such as myself, there are myriad duties, and so, on many occasions my precise thoughts, my precise words, my exact lessons are transferred to another, who will then be on the lookout for the appropriate time to converse with you. It is in this fashion, at this time, my lesson is brought to you by another, and yet it carries my signature.

“In your personal drive towards gaining greater spiritual heights it is important to bear in mind that beyond this life you will move from one Mansion World to the next. It is important to bear in mind that on each of these worlds you will meet up with, and be the students of, Mansion World Teachers of my kind, and many others apart from the Melchizedeks. However, always will the Melchizedeks be in charge of the curriculum.

“You may learn from your fellow former humans. You may acquire knowledge from those you already know, such as your Destiny Guardians, Morontia Companions, but bear in mind there are many others of whom you have no knowledge at present, but who will be your Teachers.

“You will be enriched with new mind endowments that are superior to those you now have, and which are yet constantly improved upon as you progress, and which will not allow you to forget anything that you have learned, such as it now is in your mortal lives.

“For now, at this present moment in time when you have enjoyed well over fifty years of the printed Fifth Epochal Revelation that sets out the Celestial Hierarchy, that details our Local Universe, the history of our planet, as well as the life of Joshua Ben Joseph while on this Earth, there is a tendency for many of you to criticize the changes that have occurred, as well as see as hard and fast rules forever those details portrayed therein.

“They are my thoughts for you at this time. They are my gentle warnings at this time that you can both be too set in your ways with the writing therein, as well as too critical of them, and other belief patterns and thoughts.

“Be aware, that each time you deny another their individual concepts of truth, you are also judging their belief systems as inferior, the credos that makes them comfortable, the accepted beliefs which makes them feel safe, that which allays their human fears. You may well be judging them when you may judge not another. Speak instead of your simple truths. Speak instead of those things that you are completely certain of. Speak of those things you have learned to be ‘truth beyond doubt’, such as the all-pervading, infinite love of the Father, and do this wherever and whenever you can without arguing with another.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek. My thoughts for today come to you through one of your dearest helpers, whilst I busy myself with another task. I am suggesting though not criticizing in any way that you may find the precise time of the day in which you may prepare yourself for communion. And as you yourself have for so often put it, we on our parts will then ‘wriggle to suit’.”

“My love goes out to you all.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

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