Alabama, US of A, November 13, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Reversion.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is not possible for a human being to live without experiencing physical exhaustion. Certainly, reversion is often a necessity to recharge your energy and re-focus your efforts on your struggle to reach perfection. Therefore, today we will talk some about reversion and what it does for the human being.

Reversion is returning to the simpler and less demanding activities of your experiential past. When you feel tired because of the demands of the fight for material survival, or when you face defeat in your efforts to be better, you can take some rest. This rest typically involves doing something you experienced in the past that is relaxing to your body and your mind. This rest can be the absence of activity, but often you can also recharge your energy doing simple things that bring you peace, such as gardening, taking a walk in nature, visiting a dear one, etc.

Reversion is doing something to deviate your attention for a moment from the things that worry you. Often you will discover that the problems that today seem so complex and hard to resolve, will be considered less grave and even trivial when you look at them from a refreshed point of view. Often, these problems will seem to resolve themselves. Reversion is a resource that you should keep in your toolbox to help you cope with the challenges of life.

Even when reversion is necessary you must keep the activities you choose to relax in harmony with your highest ideals. What you do to recover your energies must never be a source of suffering to others. When you practice reversion, you are not taking a license to forget your spiritual progress and go backwards on your movement toward perfection. Reversion – true rest – represents a pause on your path to your eternal destiny, it is never going back.

However, there are many forms of entertainment that keep the human beings of the present distracted. Entertainment and distractions have a place in human life, but when the search for pleasure becomes the main goal in life these activities turn into vices, because they effectively function as traps that stop spiritual progress. Remember that you have come to this world to become like God and, even if sometimes you need a pause on the way, your vision must always remain on that eternal goal.

Finally, remember that reversion, rest, and entertainment do not have to be complicated. Do not distress because others can enjoy pleasures apparently more elaborate and attractive. All you need to grow spiritually – the best things in life – are already provided for you. Many times, a smile and a hug from a dear one can be the balm that provides an additional push to your efforts after experiencing defeat in reaching a higher spiritual level. Remember this when your peers come to you for comfort and guidance. Lastly, do not forget that the main source of spiritual energy is already within you, in the presence of the Father inside your being. Take some time daily to connect with this renewing force that moves you higher, ensuring this way that you have all the necessary resources to keep forward in your journey to attain perfection.”

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