Oregon, USA, January 22, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Taming of the Soul.”

Message received by Anyas.

The Little Prince: “Hey, come and play with me.”
The Fox: “I cannot play with you. I'm not tamed.”
The Little Prince: “I am looking for friends. What does that mean - tame?”
The Fox: “It is an act too often neglected,". . .
[Excerpt from The Little Prince, by Antoine de St Exupery.]

Thought Adjuster: “Fear and love are not compatible. Period. Fear keeps everyone at bay, triggering traumatic flight or fright situations. It slams the door shut to any peace negotiations. On the other end, love is a tropical safety zone with an open-door policy — a sanctuary city.

From that perspective, you will never know the Father of All-That-Is if you approach Him with fear in your heart. How could you trust someone you fear? How could you wish to be close? It goes again the grain of love-in-action.

“Man might fear a great God, but he trusts and loves only a good God.” [UB 2:6.1]

To find your way to God’s infinite heart, you need to dump the heavy weight of unfounded fear. Trust is the gateway to love.

Because of the hard knocks of planetary living, many of you display many battle scars that make you hesitant to take emotional chances.

Just as a little squirrel would love to approach you and eat out of your inviting hand, it won’t happen until you prove yourself trustworthy, as she will skedaddle upon any abrupt movement on your part. Yet you will overcome her hesitation if you remain grounded in peace at each one of your daily dates, thus earning her trust. She will then relax in your company and may even express her timid little self, playing hide and seek with you, thus taking your relationship to its next happy level.

Such is the world you live in. Everything that triggers instinctive fearful reflexes has to be disarmed once and for all allowing the ardent fire of love to sweep the planet, reclaiming it as a safe place of love and light, where every soul can come out of its self-build bunker of protection and start roaming free in the wide-open public spaces adorned with divine truth, beauty, and goodness.”

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.