Illawarra District, Australia, November 17, 2006.
Midwayer Mathew.
Subject: “The Thought Adjuster/Soul/Mind Association.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: Let us commence this planned discussion. I am Midwayer Mathew. My ‘anything-at-all:33’ AM and PM prompts have been noted all over this house during today, and I have just now been invited by these students to do the honors. The name, Mathew, is an adopted name. The code by which I am known on my home planet is 33:3:33 – all threes – denoting my parentage, abilities, function, and position in the Midwayer Progress hierarchy.

“I am a little less than three feet tall. The reason for that is that the human beings on my planet are about a maximum of three feet tall . . . and some a little taller, but mostly they are below that height. And their ‘economically appropriate’ size relates to the gravitational pull of my home planet, which is somewhat bigger in size, and considerably heavier in weight, than your planet. Generally, Midwayers are created to compare in size to the mortal population.

“I am a volunteer, on loan to your planet to assist in the Correcting Time efforts. My discussion with you this late evening deals with the achievement of soul progress in the human being. Mostly these steps of progress are unnoticed by the individual, but we of the Midway Realm easily observe the difference in the fainter light, which is emitted from an individual who is barely advanced, to the stronger light radiating from an individual who is greatly advanced.

“Soul progress on this planet happens in decisive, consecutive steps; seven steps all up. And as you are nearing the maximum of your ability to achieve as a mortal, you will find that memories of the past can sometimes ‘crowd you’ – memories of past happenings can trouble you – especially when you may at a sudden, random point in time disagree with your actions of the past.

“These thoughts, these memories, are brought to the surface for a reason. This is often experienced. They are there for a very good reason, yes. They are made to surface from the deeper conscious, and they are in fact proof that the Thought Adjuster/Soul/Mind association is strengthening. When these thoughts surface it is important for you to analyze these thoughts, and then to forgive, forgive yourself for what you may, in retrospect, consider to have been a somewhat unfair behavior, a rather thoughtless reply or sly comment, a minor misdeed.

“And yet, new memories will continue to surface for you to remember, and then forgive, and it is through such action that you will bring your Spirit/Soul/Mind in closer and closer association, for you to be able to make the last step, or the last few steps, to the maximum spiritual progress situation that is achievable whilst still on the planet.

“A growing ability to forgive self, by considering yourself to have grown, matured, and having become a more morally aware individual, will help you to also forgive others more easily. Moreover, do also take the opportunity to advance by rewarding yourself for all you did and said that was right.

“I am Midwayer Mathew. I am pleased that this lesson has come through smoothly, succinctly, clearly, and despite the lateness of the hour. I say, until we meet up again, Adieu, my friends.”

George: “Thank you Mathew.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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Midwayer Mathew – 2001.