Chicago, US of A, June 7, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Thoughts and the Adjuster of Thoughts.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Prolotheos: “There is an immense array of useful concepts about thoughts that simply cannot be explored in this lesson. Thoughts are made possible in us through the mind-ministry of the Infinite Spirit. As personal beings, humans have the ability of being aware of their thoughts, even as they think them. Some call this ‘consciousness’. Many are the factors that produce thoughts in your mind, but regardless of their origin, they are very important when they become the basis for your decisions and actions. So, it is right to say that ‘by your thoughts you may live or die’.

“There is a specific ministry related to thoughts. Our Father has sent to the worlds of time and space marvelous fragments of Himself, called Thought Adjusters. It is their specific mission to help you with your thoughts. What they do is what their name implies: They endeavor to ‘adjust’ your thoughts to the will of God. As valuable as it is, the ministry of the Adjutant Spirits, by itself, is not enough to securely lead you to the ‘way of the Father’, because of the constant debased inputs coming from your animal urges. The Spirit Fragment from the Creator that indwells you is capable of impressing powerful ideas upon your mind, although in a gentle way, to convince you to choose to do the will of God.

“Your Thought Adjuster, patiently and continually brings to your consciousness those higher and purer thoughts, giving you spiritual wisdom to conduct yourself well, and leading you to act with unselfish love and service towards your fellow human beings. Only if every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart is continuously evil, and the human’s soul potentials are completely bankrupt, then, your Thought Adjuster leaves you. Otherwise, He stays with you through every situation in life, even if occasionally your slothful thoughts grieves this divine presence in you – for He loves with so great a love, striving in each minor opportunity to change your thoughts towards doing the will of the Father.

“Look back on your own past, my pupil, and see how many changes your Adjuster has produced in your way of thinking. Be assured that these changes are only the beginning of many more to come, until the day you become perfectly synchronized with your Thought Adjuster and fuse to become one with Him. Your thoughts can lead you to live or die, to find truth or continue in error, to love or hate, to harmony or disruption – trust the thoughts you receive from your Thought Adjuster, and base your actions and decisions on them, so the path to God will be signposted before you to walk on. I am Prolotheos, your teacher, glad to enlighten your thoughts on this subject. All is well.”

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“Don’t throw ‘bread’ to the multitudes, but give it to them one by one,
for a grown man will need more than does a child, and some won’t need any at all.”
– Teacher Prolotheos.