Alabama, US of A, February 14, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Trust.”

Received By Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There will always be tension within groups due to difficulties in harmonizing individual impulses with the goals of the group. All human beings have a unique way of functioning. Be aware of the fact that no one knows what is on your mind, or what your intentions and motivations are. Even if your commitment is firm, others will only notice this after some time has passed and they will have seen the results of your work. This is how trust is developed in this world.

“Remember this the next time you feel unjustly criticized. It is very difficult to trust in a person that is not well known. Be patient and accept that in this world you must always show good results before others will appreciate your worth. This is natural and up to a certain point desirable in the transactions of the material world. Trust can only be obtained by experience and by mutual understanding. Focus on being better every time, on serving your peers the best way you can envision, and the results will speak for themselves.

“On the Mansion worlds and beyond, trust is given without any pre-condition. Those beings who have experienced certain spiritual advancement know there is great potential locked within the human souls, even when at times they stumble into darkness and confusion. Michael trusted without reservation while walking upon this world, because He knew that each human being who crossed His path was indwelled by the presence of His Father in Heaven.

“Even when you don’t know a person, and you don’t know at what stage that person is on her spiritual journey, you should offer your love without conditions and your service should extend even to those that are strangers to you. They – as well as yourself – are illumined by the presence of God, and, just like you, are advancing toward the same destination, each one on their personal path. What you think of them is much more important than what they may think of you. An authentic love for your fellow human beings can tear down even the highest wall of intolerance, and avoid the traps of mistrust in overcoming prejudice and fear.”

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