Mattawan, Michigan US of A, February 28, 2022
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “You Are at An Evolutionary Crossroad.”

Message Received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “It is times like these when innocent people are defending their livelihood on so many fronts that you may ask, “How do we avoid participating in acts that are often violent and far from the peaceful ways of our creator?”

“The reality on your planet at this time is that there are still many who are not able and some cases not willing to acknowledge their interconnectedness to all others. In a world that is controlled by those who seek power and financial gain with few scruples, the Earth’s inhabitants are thrown into vicarious defensive situations that require them to respond in ways that seem in direct conflict with the will of the Father. And for those fighting for their lives and very basic freedoms, there may be little choice beyond defending themselves or perishing.

“All of this is seen and understood by your Heavenly Father. You are evolutionary beings who can only learn through these avenues of experience how to transcend this warring practice that has taken place for centuries on your planet.

“There are still great discrepancies in the quality-of-life experiences you share among you. There are great discrepancies in the allotment of resources and opportunities for some to express a freedom of choice. Much of the wealth of your world is still in the hands of a very few who do not support the rights and freedoms of all others. Until you are able to dismantle your dependence upon them and establish a balance in the dispersion of resources on your planet, there will continue to be those who succeed in the domination of others and the destruction of your natural resources.

“You are at an evolutionary crossroad as more of you raise your heads to the heavens looking for peaceful ways to solve conflicts in a world that is threatening your very existence. There are still events to play out and lessons to learn before you as a human race will be able to completely avoid violent conflicts against one another.

“Do not forget that though it may not be evident, progress is being made on your planet. As individuals wake to the reality of our overwhelming presence among you, our guidance is readily available to all who ask. Time marches on much faster as you must continually steady yourself from the continual barrage of changes around you. Let these be indications to you that there are many underlying factors in play facilitating a movement toward evolutionary progress.

“In the meantime, it will indeed be through the efforts of individuals, one person at a time, that will tip the balance toward a critical mass and forge your way forward as a human race toward peace and prosperity.

“So, we ask that you wake each morning with this inquiry in mind: “What can I do today to contribute to the peaceful care of this planet and the healing of those who inhabit it?” Make this your daily inquiry and know that every small effort added to those of others has the capacity for exponential results.

“Though there are many events occurring in your world that may feel beyond your reach to help, every step you take in your personal lives to minimize your dependence on depleting resources will contribute to viable solutions that bring life on your planet in balance for all.

“Every time you respond to conflict in a way that reflects the loving nature of your Heavenly Father, you are contributing to the wave of compassion and love necessary to facilitate planetary healing.

“And every time, you choose to improve your way of life with more healthy and sustainable measures, you are contributing to those who are also demonstrating the path to a healthy and peaceful life.

“My brothers and sisters, you are indeed in the mix of turbulent times. You chose to be here for a reason. Seek the wisdom within you and take the necessary steps to be part of the solution. Lean on the ever-present reality of your inner spiritual guide and know that with His guidance, you will not only be led toward your destiny but also toward the future exalted destiny of your planet.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I tell you clearly and plainly that no darkness can withstand
the focus of the Father’s light. – Monjoronson.