Alabama, US of A, December 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Abundance.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many among you dream of wealth and abundance of material goods without realizing how rich they already are. This is a common attitude in the most favored countries, where ambition runs amok in the minds of their inhabitants. If those who dream of riches would stop for a moment to consider those things they already possess they would realize how misguided their material desires are.

The great majority of the population of this planet barely has enough to survive. It is rather rare to find human beings who possess everything they need, including personal freedom and education, to live a satisfactory life. The problem is that most of those who enjoy the comforts of a developed society live in the same geographic region and therefore cannot observe first-hand how the rest of their peers live.

Having a house in which to live, electronic devices for entertainment, and enough food to make obesity a real issue, all these are signs that a few have more than what they need to live. Many die every day of starvation or by violence. Those who desire riches should take an honest look at themselves and discover how rich they already are.

Ideally, all should count with everything they need to enjoy and sustain their physical life, and also to have an opportunity to cultivate their spiritual life. It is even desirable to have resources for additional things that feed their spirit and bring joy to their lives. This is real abundance, but in this world the idea of wealth has been perverted and has little to do with promoting the conditions for personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth, but instead fostering greed, selfishness, and blind ambition. Many of you have more than you need. Many have a lot of material goods that are wasted because they are never used. What is the use of having so many toys if you never play with them? Why does a man need three of four houses if he can only live in one?

All human beings have the right to opportunities for improving their situation, and through effort and intelligence acquire everything needed to live an abundant life. However, only the wise are able to realize when they have enough so that they can start paying attention to other important areas of their life, such as their relationships with their peers, the development of their family, and their role in civilization. Each one can find the guidance they need in the presence of the Father within each human being, as long as they dare to look at themselves with honesty and strive to elevate their thinking to be better every day.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.