Oregon, USA, May 8, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Hot Topic.”

Message received by Anyas

“[Jesus] seldom paused to correct misunderstandings or to resent misrepresentation.” [UB, 141:7.12]

Thought Adjuster: “It is in your best interest to eradicate all traces of resentment from your heart to sanctify it, making it a worthy conduit for free-flowing unconditional love. Some grievances are generational hand-me-downs whose point of origin is unclear or no longer relevant in current affairs. Others are personal. Both are unfinished business. Their enduring acrimony significantly hampers individual and collective advancement toward light and life.

How do you evict from your heart and mind the obsessive bitterness that makes you feel indignant, self-righteous, and irritable? By conducting a thorough sweep of your inner world to lift the resentment particles that collected there to flush them out of their hiding place proactively.

Start with a spring cleaning that addresses childhood traumas. Move on to its summer phase by tending to the still-festering emotional scars you acquired during adolescence, systematically moving on to the next season of this vigorous scrubbing.

The sooner your tackle this process, the less remedial work you will have to perform and the least likely you will cause harm to others. Remember that it is Judas’ and the Pharisees’ resentment of truth that nailed Jesus to a cross.

After going through this strenuous and heart-wrenching deliverance process, you will reflexively raise the white flag of instant forgiveness at the first sign of imagined or real unfriendly fire.”

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