Alabama, US of A, September 4, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Soul Messages.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All mortals with spiritual inclinations are always sensitive to the whispers of truth that may reach their lives through writings, speeches, stories and other forms of communication. Those who move increasingly closer to the presence of the Father within are equally capable of discovering the truth in the words of a child or in the discourses of their wise elders.

“Those who express their ideas to their peers with love and with the intent to offer a service — to do something for their brothers and sisters — can also express the truths from above through their own words and in this way touch the souls of their listeners. Every effort you make to express the spiritual awareness that becomes increasingly clear within your being will count with an additional impulse of truth and light.

“Not only the most talented writers or the most eloquent speakers will have the advantage when trying to get their message across to the souls of others. All of you, when you talk with authentic love and with the desire to live the Will of your Father, will be able to talk directly to the souls of your peers. Michael did not speak using great rhetoric, but he spoke with absolute sincerity, offering the best of himself to alleviate the loads carried by those who crossed His path. He always spoke with the same intent — to spread the news that we are all children of a loving God — but He did it in such a way and with so much enthusiasm, honesty and conviction, that almost everybody remembered hearing precisely what they needed to hear in order to change their lives and become more spiritual.

“It is possible for two persons to read the same text and acquire different knowledge. When two individuals search for different things they do find different things, even if they are searching in the same place. Do not waste your time trying to convince others about the precise meaning of a story, a parable, or a truth from a ‘sacred’ book. The most important thing about a message is not so much what is understood, but how effective it is to move a soul closer to God.”

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