Illawarra District, Australia, July 19, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “The Truth as You See It” (this transmission was greatly reduced in size).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “The truth as one sees it, my student, is different for every single member in your community and of your diverse races on our planet. Not one person sees truth as does another. And such individual views of truth include firstly the past, secondly the status quo or present, as well as thirdly, the future. In truth, what you and your kin know about truth, as your eminent celestial Teachers will know, is a pale, sun-bleached version of the truth . . . hardly recognizable.

“Your celestial Teachers are the most mature we can find on Manson World Seven — at times further afield — and they hardly ever will quibble amongst themselves about the way a lesson is to be presented. If, however, there is a difference of opinion it inevitably deals with your truth, the known-and-understood records of things past, your reality about your present, or your expectations of the future. This, my human friend, is a very deep subject and we will do no more today than carefully dip our toes into this somewhat muddy pool of past happenings . . . and only for a very short time.

“I will begin by saying that God did not bury bones in the earth for these bones to become a later surprise for archeologists and for other people to either confound them or amuse them. In time, your machines that will look deep into the earth and into the rocks will be infinitely more advanced than the things you now wave about and that go ‘beep-beep-beep’. You need to discover beyond doubt just what it was that happened on your planet and for how long and accept those things before we, your Teachers, are willing to refer to them in greater detail.

“See it this way: We have a difficult-enough task to plant new spiritual concepts in your minds without disrupting your established and simpler beliefs too much. If you can believe that the vast majority of celestial groupings, celestial species, are still unknown to you, then you might realize how little you comprehend of what perhaps dwelt on this earth a hundred million years ago. It is not for me to convince you that in antiquity huge rocks, weighing more than 100 tons, were cut from a rock-face with precision and transported over great distances. It is not for me to assure you that with some matter of regularity many huge skeletons are and were unearthed that measured 15 feet and more.

“In all seriousness, your world-wide spiritual progress is our main concern. Your planet’s past is for you to personally research. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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