Alabama, US of A, December 10, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Heaven on Earth.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The spiritual level of this planet reflects the spiritual level of all its inhabitants. The peace and harmony manifested on this world is the result of the peace and harmony that reigns in the heart of each human being on this sphere. The challenge of this time is twofold: first you must understand that whatever happens on this planet is a consequence of your individual and collective actions. All the problems, all the solutions, all the horrors and the beauty are caused by yourselves. It is you who have your hands on the wheel to guide your planetary home towards an age of glory or towards ruin.

All the evils you see around you and, in the news, happen because you allow it. Atrocities, abuses of power, deceptions, ambition, fear, and selfishness are the causes of all the problems you collectively face, and their roots are the actions and decisions of a few human beings. However, these perverse and self-deceived minorities can act with such freedom because of the indolence of their peers. Many have forgotten that all are siblings in the same cosmic family. What affects one will affect the rest. Most people in this world are not the cause of the problems but they are the ones who remain unmoved, passively observing what happens and waiting for someone else to deal with the issues.

And here is the second aspect that should be considered to move into a new era in the history of this world: you must assume the responsibility of controlling your individual and collective destiny. Once none among you can avoid feeling moved by the suffering of your siblings and feel the need to do something for them, a new era will be inaugurated on this world. When each one of you wish for your siblings the same things you wish for yourselves, the gates for true fraternity among people will be open. When all can express with a single voice the truths that are common to all your religions and your highest ideals, the age of light and life will begin.

The most important thing to understand is that an age of light and life is not something that will fall from heaven to change the world. On the contrary, when light and life become a reality in the soul and in the experience of a human being, a step forward toward the spiritual progress of this planet is made. Today you can start living as if you were in a world where the love of the Father is the only law. Allow your decisions and actions to reflect the highest and beautiful ideals you carry within you and let the search for perfection be the goal of your life. If you live this way – completely consecrated to the will of the Father, which is nothing but the desire to become increasingly like God – you will be living in light and life, and you will become a flame that will illuminate the path to those who meet you. And once most of you do this, heaven on earth will be a reality.

The age of light and life may be a very distant event in the future of this world, but it is up to all of you to decide how distant or how difficult this achievement will be. First, ask yourselves, how far is the Celestial Father from your experience if He already lives within you? Will you wait years or centuries to start the work of cultivating your own being with truth, beauty, and goodness, or can you make that decision today? Know that even if you are not sure how to begin, you have plenty of help coming from ‘above’. There are many among you who would be pleased to show you the way and you can also count on the example of Miguel of Nebadon – who lived here as Jesus of Nazareth. His life is the perfect illustration of how a human being can reach the highest peaks of spirituality using only the resources she already possesses – a mind and the Teaching Presence of the Father within her being.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.