Alabama, US of A, December 13, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Rewards of Spirit”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There are three main manifestations of spiritual progress: 1) The desire to be better and more like an ideal of perfection visualized in the human mind. 2) Peace that permeates all situations in life. 3) The desire to do something good for your peers. Let us examine now each one of these spiritual fruits.

When a creature begins a truly religious life – based on the impulses that motivate spiritual exploration and not the acceptation of myths and crystalized truths – also begins the experience of wanting to know the source of that religion and the principal object of worship, which is none other than the Celestial Father. All religious search that is personal and self-motivated strives to find God. This exploration starts revealing with increasing clarity the divinity of the Father to the human soul and this soul spontaneously feels the impulse to become more like the invisible Father. Real transformation begins to occur in a creature and all impulses, desires and affinities start to become increasingly perfected by the efforts of the will to achieve self-mastery. Thus, a person stops just reacting to the circumstances to become the master of her destiny and her future. This is only possible when a soul is enlightened with progressive revelations of deity, constructing a dynamic model of perfection and keeps evolving, becoming increasingly beautiful, true, and good.

This enlightenment of the soul is not external. It comes from within your being, from the Thought Adjuster. A human being who chooses to ignore the guidance that her deepest reflections can provide – those meditations when the human mind reaches out to the Adjuster mind – can never establish in her mind a coherent ideal to aspire, regardless of how many spiritual teachers are heard or how many books are read. External information can help, but real understanding of the truth – real learning – only happens when each one individually strives to reconcile the information in their mind. Thus, once an ideal of divinity has been forged in the mind of a creature, the spirit inspires that creature to attempt to become that ideal.

The second result of a more spiritual life is lasting peace. Those who awaken to the truth that there is a God who is our Father and guides us toward a better future for all equally, begin to experience an inexplicable sensation of being safe in their hearts. These human beings find within a refuge that provides solace during the struggles of life and gives them a singular optimism about the future. This peace is independent of external conditions and the appearances of life. It is not a peace that comes from the outside, it is created and sustained within each individual. Many can experience peace when things go well, but few are those who can maintain their calm during the tempests of life. This is only possible because the experience of a truly religious life has demonstrated that there is something inside a human being that nobody can touch and cannot be taken away.

Human beings could choose an arbitrary ideal of perfection from some book or some notable character of history to guide their efforts to improve. Also, human beings could force themselves to be at peace with any situation that arises, even if by pure resignation, but the appearance of the third spiritual fruit in human life is only possible because of a true religious experience. This is an authentic manifestation that arises spontaneously and cannot be forced. We are talking about the impulse to do something good for your neighbor, which is just a consequence of the unconditional love that starts overflowing the souls of those who live a truly religious life.

So, there you have it. The fruits of a true religious experience are the desire for perfection, peace beyond all understanding, and unconditional love. When trying to ascertain how effective your religion is, you only need to check if these spiritual fruits are manifesting in your daily life. If you have experienced these blessings in your life then you are of the right path; otherwise, you may need to make some corrections. The rewards of a spiritual life are not meant to be reaped only in the next life. Here and now the benefits of a truly religious life can provide you with the experiences to live a mortal life filled with lasting satisfaction and joy, while preparing you better for the next level of existence.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.