Monterrey, Mexico, September 14, 2016.
Teacher: Jesus.
Subject: “About Absolute Truth.”

Message received by Bettina.

Jesus: “Some people believe they have the absolute truth — that they know what is and what is not. They do not realize that the truth in which they believe is determined solely by their own beliefs, because of their particular experiences, because of what they have been taught, personally, and what they have seen and learned on their path through life.

“However, a person born on the other side of the world in a completely different environment, who was taught different things and who has lived through other experiences, has very different beliefs to those of the first person, and may even be totally opposed in his or her beliefs. And yet, this person also believes to have the absolute truth.

“It seems confusing, but it is not. Please do not get confused. The only absolute truth is Love, the Love that comes from the Father and flows through Me. And it is an unconditional love. Open your mind and heart to realize that what you believe by your personal learning and experience is limited. Open your heart to radiate a Love that can go beyond your limiting beliefs, a Love like the one I taught: a compassionate Love without judgment, without territory, without borders, a Love that envelops everything and everyone, without distinction, without labels.

“That, dear ones, is indeed the Absolute Truth: the unconditional Love that comes from the Father, which you can manifest on Earth.”

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