Chicago, US of A, March 14, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Enemies of Satisfaction.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Thomas: “Even when you have found spirituality, that is, when you have found God and have committed to do His will, life can sometimes have too much of normality and become fastidious. Not everything you do in life is exhilarating; life is not always an ‘endless adventure’ when you are counting days, hours and minutes. Sometimes, even if you see the larger picture — the supreme meaning — it’s hard to transfer the satisfaction of these major successes to day-to-day events. So the question many times is just: How to keep satisfied every day? My simple answer is: find the enemies of your satisfaction.

“One thing that keeps the modern man from enjoying satisfaction in all he does is the enslaving Routine. Don’t get me wrong, routines are extremely beneficial to human beings. They help you get things done, they keep you organized and effective. But they rob your satisfaction in life when they transform your life into something machine-like. Routines should not be abandoned, but in order to avoid routine making your life arid and unsatisfying, they must be regularly suspended and replaced with different and recreational activities. Or, if possible, consider new ways (new routines) of doing those same things.

“Another satisfaction-killer is the well-known Boredom. Boredom is hard to explain. Most people don’t know why they are bored. Boredom robs your satisfaction by robbing your interest in what you are doing. It gives you the sensation that time stands still and there is nothing to do, but just wait. The answer to boredom is not in the outer world; the outer world is probably the cause of your boredom. So if you want to overcome boredom learn how to entertain yourself with your thoughts. Concentrate on things you like, recall those memories that you cherish or even plan your day ahead.

“Finally, what really can destroy satisfaction is the sense of Meaninglessness. This is a little more serious than routine and boredom. Indeed, this feeling sometimes rests upon all life and it seems that life has entirely lost meaning. Both Psychology and Spirituality can help with this. Psychology says depression comes when you, for whatever reason, lose control of your life. Spirituality says you feel meaningless when you have no hope beyond this life. Finding spiritual meaning certainly will help with the psychological effects of depression. You find purpose in life when you find the Universal Father and choose to do His will.

“So, my friend, the loss of satisfaction may be something trivial like a passing boredom, but it can also have its causes in something much graver, like a life-crisis, revealing a life-spreading depression, which can stick with you for years, even your entire life. Attack first the most dangerous, if that is your case — the meaninglessness — then you will be able to manage the effects of routine or boredom. Most importantly, do not fail to address the spiritual aspect of the problem. Make sure you establish and keep a worshipful relationship with the Father of all. I am your friend, Midwayer Thomas. Peace!”

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