Alabama, US of A, December 18, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Closer to the Father.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Those who begin to attempt likeness to the Father cannot help but start to know Him better. Only when you really want to learn something will your capacity for observation and learning function more effectively. When you want to achieve likeness to God, you study Him and you wish to learn more about His divinity, His personality, and His way of thinking. This helps you to understand and know Him better. As you can see, the journey to perfection is also the path that will bring you closer to God. When you strive to improve yourself, you open your mind to a fuller revelation of the Creator.

How can you determine the degree of harmony you have achieved with the will of the Father? The most beautiful, complete and filled with goodness is the ideal of God that you hold in your mind, the closer you are to comprehending him, and the more advanced will be your progress in the task to become like Him. You cannot imitate what you don’t know and you cannot admire what you don’t understand. A true love toward the Father is only possible for those who know Him and those who have first experienced His love. The love of the Father toward His children is the precursor of the love of the creatures toward their celestial Father. He has loved us first so we can discover Him and reciprocate His love.

As you progress in your knowledge of God because of your desire to be better, you will get to know without a doubt when your decisions and actions have been made considering your highest ideals. In truth, many among you justify the most unreasonable actions, arguing that it is ‘the will of God’, as it is often seen in religious extremism. However, even these confused human beings are taking a step forward toward perfection when they make their decisions by appealing to the highest and most beautiful ideals that they are able to conceive. Every person who sincerely desires to know the Father and become a better human being will achieve it, regardless of how low their initial spiritual level may be.

The place you are born, your physical or mental capacity, your culture, or the religion you inherit, are not the main promoters of your advancement in the struggle to reach perfection. Only your desire to be better and overcome your limitations, searching within for truth, beauty, and goodness, can lead you in the end toward the divine presence. All the disadvantages in this world are only temporary delays that are irrelevant to the Father. Once you have expressed the desire to be better in your soul this becomes a fact for the Father and therefore you receive everything you need to achieve this sublime goal. It is a divine right that nobody – except yourself – can take away from you.

If in your heart you have manifested this purpose of becoming better every day, you can be sure that your Father has moved closer to you and is working to spiritualize your thoughts, so some day your soul will be another expression of divine goodness, beauty, and truth. Your job from now on is to make decisions by raising your will increasingly closer to the divine will, and every effort in this regard will bring you closer to the Father.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.