Asheville, NC, US of A, July 29, 2018.
Trinity Teacher, Uteah.
Subject: “The Ability to Choose.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “Greetings to you — sons and daughters of Urantia! My name is Uteah (U-tee-ah) and I am a Trinity Teacher residing here for a time on your system capital of Jerusem at the invitation of your Sovereign, Christ Michael. This is an introductory message to inform you that your world is in the preparatory stages of Light and Life — a time when new circuits are being prepared that, when fully operational, shall assist all humanity in achieving greater attunement with their Thought Adjusters. What you are about to experience is a greater clarity of mind — the old circuits that were tampered with during the rebellion are being permanently dismantled.

“These new mind circuits are similar to those experienced on other worlds that follow a more normal path of evolution. However, the ‘installations’ of these new circuits are much more challenging than they would be on a more normal evolutionary world. The Adamic default that mostly failed to up-step the physiology of your races makes it more difficult and requires more circuits that are specially attuned to the various races — including those that are now blending.

“The Consciousness Engineers — the Absonites, are here in great numbers to facilitate the transition to these new mind circuits. This is an exciting development for your world and there are many celestial onlookers from as far as paradise here to observe the transition and the coming events that unfold as the Thought Adjusters ramp up their subtle contact with the human mind. With this attunement comes responsibility — a deeper resonance with moral choice — something that may not be so easily dismissed in the human mind as before. Clearly, free will — the ability to choose shall function as it was intended.

“There are 37 Trinity Teachers here on Jerusem — each one of us is exclusively assigned to the ‘former’ apostate worlds in this time of transition. Not only is your world being re-encircuited, but the system capital is constructing new circuits that shall allow mansion world teachers access to the Trinity Teacher Nexus — a system for teaching over an enhanced channel. Because rebellion is so very rare in the universes, it requires creative countermeasures and many great minds have come together to prepare these initiatives that shall steer your world onto a more progressive path.

“These ‘upgrades’ may be thought of as an expansion of mind and in no way does it remove or diminish free will choice. It is the undoing of the confusion that was intentionally introduced into the circuits that is being dismantled. For some, this will be a great blessing — for others who are dependent on the confusion and dysfunction to dismiss moral choice shall be faced to look more deeply at themselves.

“Rejoice, people of Urantia, for a great blessing is upon you and your children!

“I AM Uteah — here to serve you.”

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