Chicago US of A, March 8, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Hope’s Infusions.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “One may well be puzzled about the fine line between certain concepts, like hoping and wishing. Some people cannot see the difference between them and they use them interchangeably. All people can have wishes, but sadly not all are able to hope. Some because they never learned to, others because they never wanted to and yet others because they are tired of hoping and are disillusioned. Wishing is a function of the will, but hoping is a function of the soul. In order for a wish to become hope, the former must be infused with some ‘booster shot’ of superior elements.

“Firstly, Hope requires an infusion of Faith. Without faith, hope is shortsighted. It lacks transcendence, it cannot see beyond matter, beyond problems, beyond challenges. Faith is the boost that hope needs to go beyond the possible and reach the impossible. With faith, hope has no limits, without faith, hope has no spiritual strength. That is why it is that without faith you cannot survive spiritually, because then you are unable to really wish or want or long for life eternal. Without faith, you cannot even be certain of life beyond death. To hope is believing further.

“Secondly, give Hope an infusion of Trust. You can sincerely believe in the existence of God, but you may be utterly unable to trust Him for whatever reason. Trust means that you entrust somebody with something from you. If you trust that God is good and ultimately looks after your wellbeing, you entrust Him with your faith. It is impossible to trust somebody that you personally hate, or are indifferent to. In the least you have to sympathize with a person to start to trust him or her. Hope needs to be infused with trust because hope and trust go together.

“Finally, infuse Hope with Persistence. Hope that does not persist is not hope, but a whim, a childish wish that will soon be forgotten and replaced by some other form of entertainment. If your hope is not able to overcome walls, take the long way, remove obstacles and then it is not hope, but merely an inconsequent wish. Hope is desire empowered with all powers of personality to never give up. Harness your hope with perseverance and make it as strong as your faith and trust. Disappointments, even failures, will beset the lives of every person, but they will not permanently harm you if you have genuine hope. Real hope — not doubts — does persist all the way.

“My child, some things you know intuitively and then there’s no need for an explanation, but sometimes it is profitable to stop and consider how things work, how they are composed, so you can bring to your conscience and your awareness the essence of what you are observing. Certainly, these infusions into Hope are not outward fabrications, but rather they are resources that every human being already has in their soul — all you need to do is invoke them and they will become realities to you, making mere wishes become hope. You heard my call, and this is my message. Infuse it into your life.”

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