Asheville, NC, US of A, October 8, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “A Greater Degree of Contact.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

The Scribe: “Dear One, for those who are seeking to expand their spiritual understanding and achieve enlightenment in their life on Urantia, there is no greater way than to ‘make real’ the relationship they have with their Indwelling Spirit of the Father — the Thought Adjuster (TA). Being a Personalized Adjuster, I know wherefore I speak. I AM Chief of Adjusters on Urantia and I AM in communication with all TAs on the planet. I AM privy to the data that shows the progress of Adjuster attunement world-wide and there is a great opportunity at present for all those who are willing to ‘make real’ their relationship and become participants in the Universal Father’s Great Plan.

“We (your teachers) have been speaking in repetition to you about this ‘theme’ for very good reason, and it is now possible for all humans to have this relationship with varying degrees of contact. There are developing systems and circuits of energy in place within the Planetary Supreme and in the very energetic systems of your own being that allow for this greater degree of contact that have never thus been on your planet. In all the epics of planetary development that are approaching Light and Life status, it is the Thought Adjusters who have led the way in the personal development of mind and thought that has changed the tide of events in social and political evolution. Urantia has entered this critical period in its development (correction) where these new energies and circuits are needed to foster future growth.

“Many of you read these messages and take away a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ at best and never seriously consider that within your mind lives an actual Fragment of the Creator of all things that can and will work with you in the co-creation of a beautiful life. This is not a fairy tale, it is a true reality, and now, more than ever, do you have a chance to expand your awareness with this Divine Spark through these new energetic circuits. Even without your participation, the TAs have a greater degree of influence in your mind and thoughts. This takes nothing away from your free will or your choice to ignore the leading of your Indwelling Spirit, but it may present you with a greater awareness of the options you have to improve your lives and co-create weightier souls.

“For those humans who are driven by their egos, there may be periods of great inner turmoil as they begin to ‘feel’ things which they do not understand. It may manifest in a variety of ways that may appear to work against their greater good, yet these personal tribulations are necessary. Spirit poisons dull the psychic senses and confuse the heart. Constant distraction quells the beauty of creative thought. I admonish you to think deeply with the heart — it is in this deep place of thought where the Spirit speaks to the conscious mind and where these new circuits begin to ripen.

“Please review those past lessons that speak to the development of the TA relationship and put them into practice. Your Adjusters await your conscious embrace.

“I AM the Scribe.”

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