Illawarra District, Australia, March 18, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Remember the Tarpan.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “In a previous transmission I made you say, ‘…if you are moved on, you will still come to see and wonder about the brilliant minds and question the awakening of the Andite genes and minds, yes, the Adamite genes, minds and inventiveness and you will look back at your life and know without any doubt whatever that you were a tiny but essential part of that whole process, for you followed Michael’s advice to do the Father’s Will.

“And then I suggested that we would speak (of this) again.”

George: “I knew you would be as good as your word but I can’t see how that would . . .”

The Scribe: “I want you to recall what you learned about the people who tried to ‘bring back to life’ the ancient, but totally extinct Tarpan, a Eurasian wild horse. Remember the successes these enterprising and persistent individuals achieved. You remember the animals’ resistance to disease and the natural increased hardness of their hooves. Not only in the thoroughness of the owners but in the ability of the animals’ DNA did lie the near total success of the re-establishment of a species. ( is a brief description ).

“We must both understand and agree that the three Tarpan-like experiences were wholly biological events. Not one was perfect in the end but close-to perfect, yes, they were. However, nature has a near-total if not a total embedded memory of the physical, the emotional and the intellectual history in the DNA of countless species, humans included. Nothing positive is ever lost, but it can be quite hidden, almost irretrievable, but you will become smarter, become more capable and you will grow up, one might call it and so tease out all you ever were.

“You are the sons and daughters of evolutionary man, but you are, too, the children of the Andites and Adamites of great genius, be it potential in nature. That potential will fully return to you and with the spiritual presence of the Paradise citizen, Monjoronson, and a great influx of the highest and greatest of experienced Thought Adjusters (TA’s) you will experience a planet’s progress you can right now only dream of in your most unprejudiced, glorious dreams.

“As Michael told you, ‘we took you to the places where you learned what you needed to know. We brought you the people and the books that would help you to understand. We taught you all those things. Remember the Tarpan, because nothing that lives on in its progeny is ever lost to the species.

“I AM the Damascus Scribe, who loves you all.”

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