Urantia, June 5, 2006.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Always Another Day.”

Message received by Lytske

The Beloved: “The eternal God, in His unfathomable and inscrutable wisdom, desires for you to experience a deep connectedness to Him. I am using the male gender term here to make God better understood by you, but in reality, God is neither male nor female. God is …Pure Being.

This deep connectedness you are beginning to develop stems from the fact that you make a daily effort to come to Me, and give Me your undivided attention, for I, your mighty Indweller, am a pure Fragment of this self-same Being.

This needs to be clearly understood, and this is the reason why I am repeating this lesson here, assuring you that it is possible for a lowly mortal to be actively engaged in this growing connection to the eternal Creator, who has made this miracle possible.

You will never be coerced into making this connection, but without it you will continue to feel like a cosmic orphan, whereas, all you need to do is ‘plug in’ to keep the connection alive. If you were not plugged in, how could I feed you?

When you are ready, I will give you an even greater hunger for Me, so you will keep coming back for more, especially when you feel out of sorts with yourself and the world, as every thinking and feeling human being does from time to time, when they feel misunderstood.

Emotions can run very high and deep, and it takes a great deal of learning discernment, even towards those nearest and dearest to you. Do you understand by now that I desire for you to develop unconditional love? In order for you to learn, and with your higher consent, I have placed you in circumstances where you would have ample opportunity to practice this, and by giving you choices, so you can make appropriate decisions.

When you become discouraged, there is always another day, if not in your mortal estate, then in the hereafter, for each soul is required to learn this lesson.

Of course, I am always with you to cheer you on regarding this wonderful, but most difficult lesson for you to learn.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.