Alabama, US of A, February 18, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Experience this Trust.”

Received by Oscar.

Christ Michael: “During my early years there were many moments of doubt and impatience. I was born and raised like any other normal human being of the time in which I lived, and my spiritual awakening was the gradual and normal awakening of a human being.

“As I matured I learned that the time of God is eternity and it doesn’t have much to do with the time of this world. I felt that everything I needed to know – to learn – I would learn when the time was right, when my mind and my spirit would be ready for it. I learned to trust in my Father, and to feel that He would take me to where I needed to go, and that destination would be the best for me. My Father – our Father – in His infinite love would not deny me anything that was necessary for my growth and my well being.

“This supreme trust born from faith is the source of peace for the human soul – knowing that our destiny is safe because it is in the hands of our Father. Let Him be the one who decides when and how that, which you will need will come to you. You can be sure He always picks the best time for everything. It is up to you to live according to His guidance and to learn the lessons that come your way, because it is there – in your decisions and your experiences – where soul growth takes place.

“My children! How I wish for you to experience that trust that defies logic and destroys all doubt! This truly would make you see your life in a different fashion, and it would fill you with courage to face the challenges of living life in a world such as this one. Search within yourselves the truth you already posses and take the Kingdom by force, reclaiming your birthright as children of God.”

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