Alabama, US of A, October 23, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Dispensation.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The arrival of the new Teacher will be the beginning of a new dispensation on Urantia. This Teacher will propose social reforms and will motivate the exploration of more advanced practices for progress and the improvement of your civilization. Michael merely focused on revealing the will of our Father in a human life. The bestowal of an Avonal Son will focus on service and teaching.

“Know that this Son will not come alone and be defenseless as was Michael. He will come with a group of celestials that will assist and promote His ideas and will take on the teaching of the new practices and the higher truths. This leadership will not be religious in the sense you would considered it. There will be no new dogma or a new social religion, because all religious developments will be once and for all consecrated to the living temple of the heart and the mind of each individual.

“A new era of increased creativity and inspiration will arrive, stimulated by freedom of thought and loving service to all human beings. The great changes that are needed in this world to transform this battlefield, or literal and figurative battles, will occur under the tutelage of these visitors from on High. The age of Light and Life will finally start in the hearts and the minds of the inhabitants of this world who, illuminated by the truths that will spontaneously arise in their hearts, will be able to experience heaven on earth, even before the external manifestations of the glorious state are evident in the world.

“But know that this new era requires a price to be paid. The hearts of the inhabitants of this sphere have to be prepared and should turn into fertile ground before planting the seeds of truth. While there are wars and rumors of war, while all your efforts are motivated by greed and while fear and mistrust run rampant far and wide through this world, the terrain will not be ready and the workers will not arrive to do their magnificent works. Each one of you has a part to play in the symphony that will raise this world from darkness and it is in your hearts and your minds where the final battle for the future of your world will be fought. Achieving victory over your personal selves each one of you will be removing an obstacle to the arrival of a new era on Urantia.

“Now, will you hide behind your fear of change and the weaknesses of your own imagined limitations, or will you face with courage the enemy of selfishness and the deceiving traps of the material world? In truth I tell you that the future of your world is in your hands and it depends on your personal decisions. Go, take the kingdom by spiritual assault and become once and for all that which the Father intended for you.”

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